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A Telegram link is a unique URL that directs users to a specific chat, group, or channel on the Telegram messaging platform, simplifying the process of joining conversations or accessing content without the need for searching within the app. 

With Telegram boasting 800 million monthly active users, these links represent a significant opportunity for leveraging the app’s wide reach and potential, making it easier for individuals and organizations to connect and engage with a large and diverse audience globally.

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When sharing your Telegram link across various platforms, consider creating a compelling call-to-action (CTA) to encourage users to join your group or channel. Use persuasive language and highlight the value or benefits they will receive by becoming a member. This can significantly increase your conversion rates and engagement levels.

How to Get a Telegram Link?

One can create Telegram link in two ways. For groups/channels and private chats. Let’s understand how you can generate both types of links.

1. Groups and Channels

generate a Telegram chat link for public groups and channels

To generate a Telegram chat link for public groups and channels, administrators can generate a link from the group/channel settings. This link is usually found under the “Invite to Group via Link” or “Invite to Channel via Link” option.

2. Private Chats

Private chats can also have links generated by clicking on the profile picture of the chat and selecting “Copy Link.”

This is your answer to “how to create Telegram link”. Now you can create Telegram link manually or using a Telegram link generator and share it with the concerned parties.

How to Send Telegram Links?

There are 2 ways to share Telegram links to the other person:

1. Sharing Directly

You can simply copy the link and paste it into a message or email to share it with others.

2. Using QR Codes

Telegram also allows you to generate QR codes for your links, making it easy for users to scan and join.

Different Ways to Share Your Telegram Link

Different ways to share your Telegram link involve utilizing various platforms and methods to maximize reach and accessibility. Here are the different ways to share.

1. Social Media

Sharing your Telegram link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn is an effective strategy to expand your group’s or channel’s visibility. 

By posting your link across these networks, you can reach a diverse audience, attract new members, and enhance engagement within your Telegram community.

2. Websites and Blogs

Share Telegram Link via your suitable app

Incorporating your Telegram link into websites and blogs is a strategic way to connect with visitors who are already interested in your content. 

By placing your Telegram link prominently on your site, you can offer readers a direct channel to join discussions, receive updates, or engage more deeply with your brand or community through Telegram.

3. Email Signatures

Adding your Telegram link to your email signature is a subtle yet effective method to increase membership or followers.

Each email you send then acts as a potential invitation, reaching new and existing contacts who might be interested in joining your Telegram group or channel for further discussions, updates, or exclusive content.

Get More Engagement with Telegram
Generate Telegram link and start engaging more with your audience with Telegram Link Generator.

Telegram Link Generator

A Telegram link generator is a valuable tool designed to automate the creation of links for groups, channels, or private chats. Telegram direct link free generator tool streamlines the process, making it particularly beneficial for efficiently managing large communities or promoting content across Telegram.

Below are two of the most recommended Telegram link generators. To create the link, first visit the website and follow the process as instructed –  


Benefits of Using Telegram with ControlHippo

Using Telegram with ControlHippo enhances the management and efficiency of your Telegram channels or groups by integrating powerful tools for monitoring and automation into your communication strategies.

1. Controlled Access

Controlled access via ControlHippo allows you to manage who joins your Telegram groups or channels more securely. By setting permissions and vetting new members, you ensure that only approved participants can access sensitive or exclusive content, maintaining the integrity and privacy of your communications. This feature is essential for managing large or private communities effectively.

2. Analytics

ControlHippo provides detailed analytics for your Telegram channels or groups, offering insights into user engagement, growth trends, and content performance. 

These analytics enable you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your strategies, and tailor your content to better meet the needs and preferences of your audience, ultimately enhancing your overall success and impact.

3. Automation

Automate Telegram Chats

With ControlHippo, you can automate repetitive tasks within your Telegram channels or groups, such as sending welcome messages to new members, scheduling posts, or responding to common queries. 

This automation saves you time and effort, ensures consistent communication and improves overall efficiency in managing and growing your Telegram community.


Creating and sharing Telegram links is a straightforward process that enhances accessibility and connectivity within the Telegram platform. Utilizing tools like ControlHippo can further optimize your Telegram experience by providing advanced management features and analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a Telegram link, open the app and navigate to the group or channel for which you want to create the link. If you're the admin, go to the group/channel's settings, select [Invite Links], and then [Create New Link]. You can customize this link with certain permissions and an expiration date if desired.

Telegram links are typically provided by the administrators of groups or channels. You can receive them directly from the admin or find them on websites, social media platforms, or through shared invitations from friends who are already members.

To create a link in Telegram that displays as text rather than a URL, you can use the format [text](link). For example, [Join our Telegram group!]( would appear as (Join our Telegram group!) and link directly to your Telegram group.

Your personal Telegram link, which directs others to start a chat with you, can be set up in your profile settings. Go to Settings, then select [Username] and choose a unique username. Your Telegram link will be For groups or channels you administer, the link can be found or created in the group/channel's settings under [Invite Links].

Updated : May 24, 2024

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