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Want to leverage WhatsApp Business’s security and marketing features but are hesitant to share your personal number with your stakeholders? A virtual WhatsApp number can help. 

Virtual phone numbers establish local authority, build trust, and display professionalism. This is a lucrative deal for you because 7 out of 10 customers tend to purchase more from trusted brands

But to capitalize on both virtual numbers and WhatsApp Business, you must know how to use virtual WhatsApp numbers for business. We’ll explore that in this guide! 

What is a Virtual WhatsApp Number?

WhatsApp virtual numbers are physical sim-card-free phone numbers that you can utilize to sign up for WhatsApp and start interacting with your stakeholders over the Internet. With a virtual number, you get to keep your personal number private. But are virtual phone numbers legal? Absolutely, yes!

These numbers are not attached to a network operator or a specific location, unlike the typical phone numbers linked to a local provider. You can start using virtual numbers on your existing internet-enabled device like a laptop, smartphone, softphone, or VoIP desk phone by installing a phone number app. 

Best part? Multiple users can use a common virtual number on their desired devices simultaneously without a physical sim. Virtual numbers are a perfect solution for businesses that need to efficiently track and forward all calls and messages to their agents with a single virtual number. 

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Compromised brand image, low customer engagement, and insecure communication can hamper customer trust and bring a dip in sales. Avoid this with a robust WhatsApp virtual number that offers advanced automation, analytics, and security features. Not just that, virtual numbers make your business look professional and help you establish a local presence which is not possible with a regular number.

Benefits of Using a Virtual WhatsApp Number

Virtual number for WhatsApp has truly transformed the telecommunication industry with its technologically advanced features. It brings home an enhanced outreach, most instant messaging, free calls (via WhatsApp), and greater market reach. Let’s dive into some other core benefits of WhatsApp virtual numbers –

Advantages of Using Virtual Number For WhatsApp

1. Multi-device synchronization 

Virtual numbers support multi-device and multi-location usage. So, you can simultaneously use a single virtual number on various internet-enabled devices at multiple locations. Virtual numbers are quite suitable for businesses with remote teams as they facilitate interruption-free domestic or long-distance communication. 

How? If an unavailable agent receives a customer call, they can effortlessly redirect it to an available agent who can attend to the call using the same number. This reduces missed call rates and enhances customer satisfaction. 

2. High-grade privacy 

Not comfortable sharing your personal number with your customers or team due to concerns about sensitive information misuse? If yes, virtual numbers are a wise choice. You can link your virtual number to your personal or private phone number. This way, all customer calls are diverted to your personal number without revealing it to your callers. 

What’s more, virtual numbers offer security protocols and end-to-end encryption for added privacy. You no longer have to deal with spammy or scam calls on your personal number. 

3. Greater cost-effectiveness

Virtual numbers incur a 30-80% lower call bill than traditional phone lines because they do not require different lines for each business branch. Adopting a virtual phone number eliminates the need for costly hardware required to support multiple lines. 

With these numbers, you just need an active service plan and an internet-enabled device. Once you get a virtual number for WhatsApp, your domestic calls will often be free of cost, and international calls will only incur a minimal cost. 

4. Better internal communication 

Nearly everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, making it a reliable option to effectively communicate with your internal team and stakeholders. You don’t need to set up a platform or train your team to use WhatsApp. From directing your team and sending files to receiving project updates, WhatsApp virtual numbers let you do it all seamlessly and affordably. 

5. Personalized experience 

Most customers prefer dropping a message on WhatsApp rather than placing a call or raising a support ticket to reach out to a business. WhatsApp virtual numbers let you efficiently cater to all the inbound queries personally without incurring hefty bills. Personalized communication improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

6. Wider international reach 

Does your business operate in multiple countries, and do you want to establish a local presence in each one of them? Adopt a WhatsApp Business virtual number to achieve that. How? By acquiring a virtual number with the relevant country code. This will not just let you present your business as familiar in the customer’s eyes but also let you cut off international calling charges. 

How To Create a Virtual WhatsApp Number?

The procedure of creating a virtual phone number for WhatsApp varies with the virtual number provider. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to get a virtual number for WhatsApp regardless of your provider –

Steps to Create Virtual WHatsApp Number

Step 1: Sign up and create a new business account with your chosen phone number provider’s virtual phone number apps

Step 2: Choose your desired country code and preferred phone number type–mobile, national, toll-free, and local. (Get a free phone number by signing up for a free trial.)

Step 3: Select a suitable pricing plan based on your budget and subscription period. 

Step 4: Make the required payment using your preferred online payment method–PayPal or credit card to get the virtual number. 

Step 5: Create and verify WhatsApp account by entering your new virtual number and the verification code when prompted. Now, you can finally receive and send messages or calls using your new WhatsApp virtual number.

Establish a robust local presence with a ControlHippo WhatsApp virtual number now!

How to Use Virtual WhatsApp Number for Your Business?

After creating and getting a WhatsApp virtual number for your business, it’s time to start utilizing its features. But WhatsApp virtual numbers don’t offer many benefits for regular WhatsApp Business accounts. 

To leverage its benefits the best, adopt WhatsApp Business API via a reliable Business Solution Provider like ControlHippo. 

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp virtual number for your business using WhatsApp Business API –

1. Manage multiple virtual WhatsApp numbers from one dashboard

WhatsApp virtual number offers a business dashboard that you can use to view and manage all the interactions related to your different WhatsApp virtual numbers. From conversations to call insights, this dashboard shows it all. 

Manage multiple Virtual WhatsApp Number

Here are some major capabilities of a virtual phone number app dashboard that directly contribute to your business –

  • Facilitates efficient management of inbound WhatsApp messages by listing unread and urgent messages. So you can easily assign them to relevant team members. 
  • Enables you to assign rules (automating manual tasks or forwarding messages) and labels (sales, complaints, customer service) to different conversations for better organization. 
  • Offers insights into your customer service, like total conversations handled by different teams, to compare customer service response time or CSAT score to gauge customer satisfaction level. 
  • Integrates with your preferred platforms and business tools, simplifying workflows and unifying data. 

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2. Inviting multiple team members to manage virtual WhatsApp numbers

WhatsApp virtual numbers allow you to add multiple team members to manage customer conversations using a common WhatsApp account and virtual number. You can do that with both the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API. Let’s understand how –

WhatsApp Business App

Register a WhatsApp Business account with your virtual phone number and link it to four other devices (four users). Scan the QR code on your teammate’s desktop using your WhatsApp account’s scanner. Once done, your teammate will be able to access and cater to all customer conversations received on your WhatsApp virtual number. 

WhatsApp Business API 

If you have a huge inflow of queries on WhatsApp that 4 team members cannot manage, it’s better to shift to WhatsApp API. After registering your virtual number on API, you can add unlimited users to a single unified WhatsApp Inbox. 

This will make accessing and managing chats from multiple devices easier for your teams. Not just that, using API, you can set access controls for each team member to eliminate privacy breaches. 

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3. Assign and label chats to your team members

WhatsApp virtual numbers help you efficiently manage your customer conversations via chat labels and assignments. 

Chat labels are critical to enhancing communication. It involves setting relevant tags for different conversations like new orders, pending payments, and customer support. This way, your team can –

  • Promptly and proactively address and prioritize customer issues, improving customer satisfaction and reducing response times. 
  • Personalize interactions based on the label, like VIP customers or loyal shoppers. Your team can then tailor messages to send targeted updates/promotions/offers. 
  • Track and manage conversations that need follow-up so no prospect is lost. 
  • Understand the context of a specific conversation managed by a different agent. 

Once you have labeled the chats, it’s time to assign them to the relevant agent. This way, no conversation will be left uncatered, and team members will know the chats they are required to work on. Finally, you can seamlessly resolve customer queries and optimize team collaboration. 

4. Send promotional messages from a virtual WhatsApp number to boost sales

Promotional messages include offers, discounts, or coupons sent to customers to drive sales. You can send such messages using your WhatsApp virtual number. 

But why should you care? Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp can help you reach a global audience of 2 billion WhatsApp users and enjoy 98% open rates

Here are some use cases of WhatsApp promotional messages –

  • Product release updates with special launch discounts 
  • Regular discount offers for existing customers
  • Re-engage inactive customers with irresistible offers
  • Upsell to existing customers 

Wrapping Up

With WhatsApp Virtual Number connecting with ControlHippo you can use features like chat assignment, multi-user access, and sending promotional messages to efficiently manage business conversations and drive sales. Note that you must register your virtual number on WhatsApp Business API to capitalize on these capabilities. 

As API doesn’t have a separate interface, adopt a trusted business solution provider like ControlHippo to best utilize your WhatsApp virtual number. Wait no more and sign up for ControlHippo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get a virtual number for WhatsApp through a reliable virtual phone number provider like CallHippo, DialerHQ, RingCentral, and Freshdesk. However, if you want a virtual number for WhatsApp Business (free), sign up for free trials of free virtual phone number(s) providers.

To get a free virtual number for WhatsApp, you just have to sign up for a free trial for a trusted virtual number provider like CallHippo, DialerHQ, and Freshdesk. These virtual phone number providers offer basic calling features like call forwarding, SMS messages, and call recording.

Yes, you can create an Indian virtual number in WhatsApp by choosing paid or free virtual phone number providers, selecting India in the country section, tapping on your desired number type, selecting a pricing plan, and making the required payment.

To get free virtual phone numbers (US) for WhatsApp, sign up for a free US number trial on your selected virtual phone number provider’s platform.

Updated : February 15, 2024

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