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While many are familiar with the WhatsApp Business App, the WhatsApp Business API offers a more robust solution for companies looking to streamline their customer communication. In fact, WhatsApp business API have 99% open rate, one of the highest!

In this blog, we’ll delve into what the WhatsApp Business API is, compare it to the WhatsApp Business App, discuss the importance of obtaining the API through a Business Partner, and explore the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick that signifies a verified WhatsApp API account.

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"When choosing between the WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API, carefully assess your business's scale and communication needs. For smaller businesses with modest communication volumes, the WhatsApp Business App can be a practical choice."

What Is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool designed for medium and large businesses to interact with their customers via the WhatsApp platform. Unlike the standard WhatsApp Business App that is ideal for small businesses, the API version enables more extensive and personalized communication. 

It provides a range of features and capabilities tailored for high-volume messaging, automation, and whatsapp business api integration with other business systems.

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Comparison Between WhatsApp Business App & WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp Business App, while useful for small businesses, has limitations when compared to the WhatsApp Business API service. First, take a look at the comparison chart and then delve deeper into a detailed analysis.

WhatsApp Business App
WhatsApp Business API
Target Audience
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)Medium and large enterprises
User Limitations
Single user, single deviceSupports multiple users and devices
Automation & Chatbots
Manual, no automationSupports chatbots and automation
Template Messaging
Limited template messagingAdvanced template messaging
Integration Capabilities
Minimal integration optionsExtensive integration capabilities
High-Volume Messaging
Not suitable for high volumesBuilt for high-volume messaging

WhatsApp Business App

1. Target Audience

The WhatsApp Business App is primarily designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and individual entrepreneurs. It caters to businesses with relatively low to moderate customer communication volumes.

2. User Limitations

The app is intended for use by a single user on a single device. This means that one person manages the business account and its communications.

3. Manual Interactions

Users of the WhatsApp Business App are required to engage in manual, one-on-one interactions with customers. There’s no automation available for handling customer queries or sending messages in bulk.

4. Template Messaging

It offers advanced template WhatsApp messaging capabilities, allowing businesses to send templated messages for various purposes. This can be especially useful for automated responses and transactional messages.

5. Integration Limitations

The integration options with other business systems or CRMs are minimal. The WhatsApp Business platform is not built for extensive integration capabilities.

WhatsApp Business API

1. Target Audience

The WhatsApp Business API is designed for medium and large enterprises that require a more comprehensive and scalable communication solution. It caters to businesses with high-volume customer communication needs.

2. User Flexibility

Unlike the Business App, the WhatsApp business API platform supports multiple users and multiple devices, providing flexibility for larger teams to manage customer communications.

3. Automation and Chatbots

The API allows for the creation of chatbots and automation for handling customer queries, streamlining responses, and providing a seamless user experience.

4. Template Messaging

WhatsApp Business API offers advanced template messaging capabilities, allowing businesses to send templated messages for various purposes. This can be especially useful for automated responses and transactional messages.

5. Integration Capabilities

Integration with CRM systems, databases, and other communication channels is a significant advantage of the API. This enables a unified approach to customer communication and data management.

6. High-Volume Messaging

The API is built to handle high-volume messaging, making it suitable for enterprises with large customer bases or transaction volumes.

Why Get Your WhatsApp Business API Account From a Business Partner?

To access the WhatsApp Business API, you need to obtain it through a WhatsApp Business Partner. There are several reasons why this is crucial:

  • Official Access – Business Partners have official access to the WhatsApp API, ensuring that you are using the platform in compliance with WhatsApp’s policies.
  • Technical Expertise – Business Partners are well-versed in the technical requirements and can provide guidance on integration and customization.
  • Ongoing Support – Partners offer continuous support, ensuring that your business’s communication on WhatsApp runs smoothly.
  • Verification Assistance – Business Partners can help you navigate the verification process to obtain the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick.

How to Start Using the WhatsApp Business API via ControlHippo?

ControlHippo is a powerful WhatsApp business API tool that enables seamless messaging and connectivity. Below are the steps for using WhatsApp business API using ControlHippo.

Step 1: Sign up or log in to ControlHippo’s web app.

Step 2: On the ControlHippo Channel Page, click the “Connect” button for WhatsApp Business API.

Step 3: Review WhatsApp Business guidelines and requirements. If eligible, click “Connect.”

Step 4: Accept terms and conditions, then click “Connect Facebook.”

Step 5: Enter your Facebook credentials associated with your business manager page.

Step 6: Click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.

Step 7: Choose the meta account for WhatsApp Business API.

Step 8: Provide necessary data if a new meta account is needed.

Step 9: After entering the details, complete Step 1 of the account setup and move to the next step.

Step 10: Enter your Business Profile name.

Step 11: Proceed to 3-step number verification after completing the previous steps.

Step 12: Lastly, enter the verification code.

And you’re done! For better understanding, check out the complete process here. Integrate ControlHippo with WhatsApp Business API.

Verifying a Business API Account: WhatsApp Green Tick

The WhatsApp Green Tick is a symbol of trust and authenticity for businesses on the platform. It assures users that they are interacting with a legitimate business account. To obtain this verification:

  1. Choose a WhatsApp Business Partner –  Select a trusted WhatsApp Business Partner to guide you through the process.
  2. Meet the Requirements – Ensure that your business meets the prerequisites set by WhatsApp, which may include having a verified Facebook Business Manager account.
  3. Submit a Request – Your partner will help you submit a request for verification to WhatsApp. This will include providing necessary information about your business.
  4. Comply with WhatsApp’s Guidelines – Make sure your business communication adheres to WhatsApp’s guidelines and policies.
  5. Await Approval – Once the request is submitted, you’ll need to wait for WhatsApp to review and approve your account.
  6. Receive the Green Tick – Upon approval, your WhatsApp Business API account will be granted the Green Tick, signifying that it’s a verified business.

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Final Thoughts

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool for medium and large businesses to enhance their customer communication. When considering the API, it’s important to choose a Business Partner to guide you through the verification process and ensure compliance with WhatsApp’s policies. Once verified, your business will earn the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick, a symbol of trust and authenticity in the digital business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, WhatsApp for Business API is not free. It involves associated costs for usage, depending on your messaging volume.

To get an approved WhatsApp Business API account, you need to go through a WhatsApp Business Partner who will help you with the verification process and compliance with WhatsApp's policies.

Yes, WhatsApp Business offers an API called the WhatsApp Business API, specifically designed for medium and large businesses.

WhatsApp has various official Business Partners that you can choose from to access the WhatsApp Business API. Select a trusted partner to assist you with API integration and verification.

Updated : April 15, 2024

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