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WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful and popular platform for businesses to connect with their customers and execute marketing strategies. With over two billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp provides a direct and personal channel for businesses to engage, inform, and promote their products and services to a wide audience. 

In fact, 50% of companies and startups reported that using WhatsApp increased customer engagement. WhatsApp marketing messages have become essential for businesses, allowing them to leverage the platform’s features and capabilities to create impactful and targeted marketing campaigns.

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What is Whatsapp Marketing Message?

A WhatsApp promotional message refers to a non-transactional message that businesses can send to market their products and services. These messages include updates and notifications such as back-in-stock alerts, offers, discounts, coupons, app promotions, abandoned cart reminders, product recommendations, and more. It serves as a means for businesses to engage with their customers and promote their offerings on the platform.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Marketing Messages

WhatsApp promotional messages offer several benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts and engage with their customers more effectively. Here are four key advantages of using WhatsApp promotional messages –

Top Benefits of WhatsApp Promotional Messages

1. Direct and Personal Communication

WhatsApp allows businesses to send promotional messages directly to their customers’ smartphones. This direct and personal mode of communication helps create a more intimate and one-on-one connection with the audience. As the messages are delivered to individuals’ WhatsApp accounts, there is a higher likelihood of customers reading and engaging with the content. This personalized approach can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

2. Instant Delivery and Read Receipts

WhatsApp messages are delivered instantly, ensuring that time-sensitive promotions and offers reach the recipients promptly. Additionally, WhatsApp provides read receipts, indicating when a message has been read by the recipient. This feature enables businesses to track the engagement and effectiveness of their promotional campaigns in real-time. Knowing whether a message has been read or not helps businesses assess their outreach strategies and make necessary adjustments for better results.

3. Rich Media Content

WhatsApp allows businesses to send various types of content in promotional messages, including text, images, videos, PDFs, and even audio files. This capability to share rich media content makes promotional messages more engaging and visually appealing. Companies can showcase their products, share demonstration videos, or provide visual representations of their services, enhancing the overall promotional experience for customers.

4. Customer Engagement and Interaction

WhatsApp promotional messages foster two-way communication between businesses and customers. Customers can easily respond to messages, ask questions, or seek further information. This interactive aspect opens up opportunities for businesses to provide personalized assistance, address customer queries, and offer higher customer support. Improved customer engagement can lead to better brand perception and an increased likelihood of customer conversions.

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Try These 3 Steps Before Sending WhatsApp Marketing Messages

Before you start sending marketing messages to your prospects, you need to implement the effective tips and best practices. Below we have listed top 3 tips that can help in sending marketing messages.

WhatsApp Marketing Messages - Three Valuable Tips 

1. Segment and personalize your message

Before sending WhatsApp marketing messages, it’s crucial to segment your audience based on their preferences, behavior, and demographics. By dividing your customer base into distinct groups, you can tailor your messages to be more relevant and appealing to each segment. Personalization can significantly enhance customer engagement and response rates.

Consider factors such as:

  • Previous purchase history
  • Location
  • Interests and preferences
  • Engagement with previous marketing messages

Craft messages that address the specific needs and interests of each segment. Using the recipient’s name and referring to their past interactions with your business can also add a personalized touch to the message, making it more likely to resonate with the recipient.

2. Track message data

To measure the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, it’s essential to track message data and performance metrics. WhatsApp provides insights into the delivery and read status of messages, allowing you to gauge engagement levels and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Key message data to track include –

  • Delivery rates – The percentage of messages successfully delivered to recipients.
  • Read receipts – The number of messages that have been read by recipients.
  • Response rates – The percentage of recipients who responded to your messages.
  • Conversion rates – The number of recipients who took the desired action after receiving your message (e.g., made a purchase or clicked a link).

Analyzing this data can help you identify which messages and campaigns are most effective, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and focus on strategies that yield the best results.

3. Use a WhatsApp shared inbox to efficiently manage customer responses

When you send WhatsApp marketing messages, it’s essential to be prepared for customer responses and inquiries. Using a WhatsApp shared inbox for multiple users can streamline and organize your communication with customers, especially when multiple team members are handling responses.

A shared inbox allows you to –

  • Collaborate effectively – Team members can work together to resolve customer queries or issues efficiently.
  • Avoid duplicate responses – Team members can see each other’s replies, reducing the risk of sending repetitive messages to customers.
  • Provide timely responses – A shared inbox ensures that all customer messages are promptly attended to, improving customer satisfaction.

Having an organized system to manage customer responses can significantly enhance your customer support and help build a positive brand image.

By implementing these valuable tips, businesses can make the most out of their WhatsApp marketing messages. Segmenting and personalizing messages ensures relevance, tracking message data provides insights for improvement, and using a shared inbox enables efficient customer communication and support.

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14 Whatsapp Marketing Messages & Examples to Boost Sales

Here are 14 promotional WhatsApp messages and templates that businesses can use to boost sales –

1. New Product Announcement

This template is used to inform customers about the launch of a new product, creating excitement and curiosity among them.

Example: “Exciting news! We’ve just launched our latest product that will make your life easier. Check it out now: [Product Link]”

2. Limited-Time Offer

The limited-time offer template is designed to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action from customers by offering a time-limited discount.

Example: “Hurry! For a limited time, get 20% off on all orders. Use code ‘SALE20’ at checkout. Shop now and save big!”

3. Flash Sale Alert

Flash sales are short-term sales events that drive quick purchases. This template aims to create urgency and highlight the limited availability of discounted products.

Example: “? Flash Sale Alert ? Today only! Get your favorite items at unbelievable prices. Limited stock available! [Shop Now]”

4. Exclusive Discount for Subscribers

This template rewards loyal subscribers with an exclusive discount, fostering customer loyalty and appreciation.

Example: “As a valued subscriber, we’re offering you an exclusive 15% discount on your next purchase. Use code ‘SUB15’ at checkout.”

5. Refer a Friend & Earn

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing with this template, rewarding customers for referring friends to the business.

Example: “Love our products? Refer a friend and get 25% off your next purchase. Plus, your friend gets 20% off too! Spread the word.”

6. Abandoned Cart Reminder

This whatsapp advertising message sample reminds customers about items left in their shopping carts, enticing them to complete the purchase.

Example: “Forgot something in your cart? Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping on all orders above $50.”

7. Seasonal Promotion

Capitalize on seasonal trends and occasions with this template, offering discounts or promotions tailored to specific seasons.

Example: “Get ready for summer with our sizzling deals! Up to 30% off on summer essentials. Dive in now: [Product Link]”

8. Customer Appreciation Offer

Show gratitude to customers with an exclusive discount as a token of appreciation for their support.

Example: “To show our gratitude, here’s a special 10% discount just for you. Use code ‘THANKYOU’ at checkout.”

9. Bundle Offer

This business whatsapp promotion message template encourages customers to buy multiple items together by offering a discount when they purchase a bundle.

Example: “Save big with our bundle offer! Buy [Product A] and [Product B] together and get 25% off the total price.”

10. New Stock Alert

Inform customers when a popular item is back in stock, urging them to make a purchase before it sells out again.

Example: “Back in stock! Your favorite item is now available again. Grab it before it’s gone: [Product Link]”

11. Pre-Order Promotion

Generate excitement for upcoming products by offering incentives for pre-orders.

Example: “Be the first to own the latest gadget in town! Pre-order now and get free accessories worth $50.”

12. Loyalty Program Benefits

Encourage customers to join your loyalty program by highlighting the exclusive benefits they will receive.

Example: “Join our loyalty program and enjoy exclusive perks, early access to sales, and special gifts on your birthday!”

13. Last Chance Reminder

Create urgency by reminding customers about a time-sensitive offer that is about to expire.

Example: “Last chance to grab our best-selling item at 15% off. Offer ends midnight tonight. Don’t miss out!”

14. Cross-Sell Recommendation

Suggest complementary products to customers based on their previous purchases, encouraging additional sales.

Example: “Love your recent purchase? You might also like [Related Product]. Check it out for the complete experience!”

Customize these examples with your business information and specific offers to make them relevant to your customers. Always ensure that your promotional messages comply with WhatsApp’s guidelines to maintain a positive and engaging relationship with your audience.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, WhatsApp marketing messages have become an integral part of businesses’ marketing strategies, allowing them to directly connect with their customers and promote products and services in a personalized and engaging manner. As businesses adapt to these trends and embrace WhatsApp’s potential, the future of WhatsApp marketing messages holds promising opportunities for driving sales, improving customer engagement, and fostering lasting relationships with their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To write a marketing message on WhatsApp, first, ensure you have a verified WhatsApp Business Account. Then, keep it concise, engaging, and personalized. Segment your audience and tailor the message to their preferences. Avoid spammy language and provide clear calls-to-action.

The best practices for WhatsApp promotional messages include obtaining opt-in consent from recipients, personalizing messages, offering value to customers, using multimedia content, and respecting privacy. Avoid sending frequent or irrelevant messages to maintain a positive user experience.

You may receive marketing messages on WhatsApp if you have subscribed to a business's WhatsApp updates, participated in their promotions, or provided your contact information voluntarily. Businesses use WhatsApp marketing to send promotional messages on WhatsApp to reach customers directly and promote their products or services.

Updated : August 29, 2023

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