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ControlHippo vs. Helpwise: Feature-Wise Comparison

Take a closer look at Helpwise and ControlHippo to make the right choice. Learn why ControlHippo is the best alternative to Helpwise & leads as the best WhatsApp messaging solution.

Unlimited Contact Sync
Do Not Disturb
Chrome Extension
$25 Per Month
Helpwise Logo
$12 Per Month

Note: The information provided above is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change without prior notice

Experience ControlHippo’s Excellence: #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

ControlHippo’s WhatsApp multi-number shared inbox hosts an array of advanced, collaborative features crafted to boost your agents’ effectiveness and enhance the customer experience.

Attach Multiple Files At Once For Superior Customer Service

  • Equip agents to share files from their repositories to promote top-tier customer service.
  • Expedite quick customer query resolution by sharing images, videos, and documents through WhatsApp chat.
  • Maximize efficiency and streamline workflow with ControlHippo's ability to select multiple files at once, improving productivity.
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Add multiple files
Boost efficiency

Boost Efficiency By Uploading Files Without Size Restrictions

  • Import your contacts in CSV format and send limitless promotional messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • Harness pre-established templates and advanced campaign features to secure greater sales opportunities.
  • Seamlessly share files of any size or capacity, expanding your audience reach effortlessly with ControlHippo.
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Streamline Communication & Improve Productivity With Canned Messages

  • Optimize engagements and allow teams to proficiently manage tasks, enhancing communication and operational efficacy.
  • Guarantee prompt and standardized replies to common queries or FAQs while refining communication protocols.
  • Foster brand coherence and trust by maintaining a uniform and polished demeanor in client and team interactions.
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Canned Messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best Helpwise alternative is ControlHippo, offering robust features, seamless collaboration, and superior customer support, making it the ideal choice for managing WhatsApp communications effectively.

  • ControlHippo, the Helpwise alternative, differs with its intuitive interface, advanced collaborative tools, and exceptional customer service, ensuring smoother and more efficient WhatsApp communication management.

  • Yes, ControlHippo, the Helpwise alternative, provides the Do Not Disturb feature, allowing users to manage notifications effectively and maintain uninterrupted workflow when needed.

  • Yes, agents can conveniently access more than two numbers through a single ControlHippo account, facilitating streamlined communication management and enhanced productivity for businesses of all sizes.

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