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ControlHippo Vs. Interakt: Feature-wise Comparison 

Compare Interakt and ControlHippo side-by-side to make a well-informed decision. Explore the game-changing difference as ControlHippo emerges as the undisputed champion of WhatsApp business messaging.  
Canned Message
Chrome Extension
Free Trial
Monthly Price Plan
All CRM, sales, and payment apps
10 days
$25 a month
Interakt Logo
Does not support canned messages
Does not integrate with leading CRMs
Not available
14 days
$21 a month

Note: The information provided above is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change without prior notice

Discover the Features That Set ControlHippo Apart  

Elevate your WhatsApp customer experience with ControlHippo’s multi-number shared inbox, packed with
intelligent collaborative tools for efficient teamwork.

Respond promptly to customer inquiries with canned messages

  • Save time and streamline communication with ControlHippo's Canned Message feature.
  • Create pre-written messages for frequently used responses.
  • Instantly respond to common queries with just a few clicks.
  • Customize and personalize canned messages to suit each conversation.
  • Boost efficiency by eliminating repetitive typing and ensuring consistent responses.
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Canned Messages
Boost efficiency

Boost Efficiency By Uploading Files

Without Size Restrictions

  • Seamlessly upload and share files of any size on WhatsApp with ControlHippo.
  • Effortlessly collaborate on large documents, videos, and more.
  • Share high-resolution images and videos without worrying about compression.
  • Enhance communication by sharing files directly within your chats.
  • Enjoy the convenience of uploading files from any device.
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Sync Team WhatsApp Conversations with Your CRM

  • Streamline your workflow by syncing WhatsApp conversations with your CRM using ControlHippo.
  • Automatically log WhatsApp interactions into your CRM system.
  • Never miss a lead or customer query by centralizing all communication.
  • Enhance customer relationships with a complete view of their WhatsApp interactions.
  • Effortlessly integrate WhatsApp data into your CRM reports and analytics.
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Enhance business productivity by using the Chrome extension

  • Supercharge your browser with the ControlHippo Chrome Extension for quick access.
  • Seamlessly manage your WhatsApp Shared Inbox directly from your browser.
  • Receive real-time notifications for new messages and updates.
  • Improve efficiency with one-click access to essential ControlHippo features.
  • Enhance productivity by staying connected to your team's WhatsApp conversations without leaving your browser.
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We got amazing help from the ControlHippo team. They're really quick to respond, know a lot, and do everything they can to help with our questions.

Boban Jagodic Sales Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ControlHippo is a WhatsApp Shared Inbox platform that offers better features than Interakt, including multiple user access, chat labels, WhatsApp auto reply, and CRM integration. ControlHippo distinguishes itself with additional functionalities such as file uploading without size restrictions, chrome extension, and canned messages.

  • Yes, ControlHippo provides easy data migration tools to help you transition smoothly from Interakt. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the migration process, ensuring that your data remains intact and accessible within ControlHippo.

  • ControlHippo takes pride in delivering exceptional customer support around the clock to ensure your queries are resolved as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will help you make the most of our platform so you can better serve customers.

  • At ControlHippo, we take data security and privacy seriously. We employ robust encryption and other security measures to safeguard your customer data. We are compliant with industry standards and regulations, so your information remains secure.

  • Yes, we provide a 10-day free trial of ControlHippo so you can experience the platform firsthand. Additionally, our team is available to schedule a personalized demo to showcase the features and benefits of ControlHippo for your business.

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