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It is important for marketers to provide their clients with maximum ease of use of business tools. WhatsApp is one such tool that marketers can leverage to improve business efficiency. WhatsApp’s importance can be understood by its reach to the masses, as there are about 2 billion active users worldwide using this platform.

Here, marketers can leverage the platform by creating a WhatsApp link that makes it easier for customers or friends to reach out to you directly. This will help them avoid to hassle of saving their number or email ID. This guide will help you learn all about creating WhatsApp links and how it can help your business.

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Customize your pre-filled message in WhatsApp links to provide context or personalize interactions, enhancing engagement and response rates.  Additionally, regularly update your WhatsApp Business profile to reflect current information and offerings, maintaining relevance and credibility.

What is a WhatsApp Link (To Chat)?

A WhatsApp link, essentially a URL, streamlines communication by directly opening a chat window with a designated phone number in WhatsApp upon clicking. This convenience eliminates the manual process of contact addition, offering a seamless way to initiate conversations and enhance interaction efficiency.

How to Create a WhatsApp Link: 3 Types

There are multiple ways to create a WhatsApp link based on your use case. Here is a detailed explanation for creating a WhatsApp number link.

Create WhatsApp link

1. Direct Link

This type of link enables users to message someone on WhatsApp directly without the necessity of saving their phone number. The format for creating a direct link is as follows:

For instance, to generate a click-to-chat link for a United States phone number, your link should appear like:

It’s important to note that the ‘+’ sign isn’t required even if included in your country code, and you should omit any special characters. A basic URL that leads directly to a chat with a specific phone number.

2. Direct Link with Pre-filled Messages

Incorporating a pre-filled message within a WhatsApp link can significantly smooth the initial interaction with your customers. Clicking on this link automatically populates the chat’s text field with a preset message.

The format for a direct link that includes a pre-filled message is

To illustrate, if you’re looking to set ‘Hello’ as your default message alongside a specific phone number, the link becomes

Should your default message need to contain several words, simply separate them with ‘+’. For instance:,+I+am+interested+in+learning+more+about+your+business.

3. Pre-filled Link

Utilizing a pre-filled link is advantageous for sending tailored broadcast messages to specific users who engage with your link.

The structure for creating such a pre-filled WhatsApp URL is as follows:

For instance, if your objective is to express gratitude towards individuals who signed up for an event with the message “Thanks for registering!”, your tailored link would be:!

It’s important to note the absence of a phone number in this format. This is deliberate, as the link is designed to direct you to your WhatsApp contact list, enabling you to choose the recipients for your message manually from your chats.

How to Create WhatsApp Link for Business?

Creating a WhatsApp link for business involves a simple process similar to crafting a standard WhatsApp chat link. You start with the base URL (‘’) followed by your business phone number in international format. For a more engaging experience, you can append a pre-filled message that greets customers or addresses common inquiries by adding ‘?text=’ along with your message, replacing spaces with ‘+’. 

This direct approach streamlines customer interaction, making it easier for them to reach out and engage with your business services or support.

Where to Use WhatsApp Link?

WhatsApp links can be leveraged in various ways by putting them on various platforms to drive the users to initiate a query. Here are some ways it can be used.

Different Ways to Use WhatsApp Link

1. Social Media Profiles

WhatsApp links are valuable additions to other messaging apps or social media profiles, offering direct communication channels for followers. By including these links, users can easily initiate conversations or inquiries with individuals or businesses, enhancing engagement and fostering real-time interaction between parties. It streamlines communication processes, facilitating seamless connections between users and profile owners.

2. Business Websites

Business websites benefit greatly from the inclusion of a WhatsApp business account, and this can be further enhanced by creating a direct WhatsApp link. Providing visitors with a quick and convenient method to initiate communication with the company. By embedding these links strategically within the website, potential customers can easily reach out for inquiries, support, or purchases, enhancing user experience and driving customer engagement.

3. Email Signatures

Incorporating WhatsApp links within email signatures offers recipients a direct avenue to communicate with the sender via WhatsApp. By including these links, individuals or businesses can encourage immediate interaction, simplifying communication processes and providing an additional channel for inquiries, feedback, or collaboration. This enhances accessibility and fosters efficient communication between parties.

4. Marketing Materials

WhatsApp can act as a facilitator for marketing activities along with other messaging apps. Including WhatsApp links in marketing materials such as flyers, posters, or online ads facilitates direct communication between businesses and potential customers. By providing a clickable link, marketing materials enable individuals to easily connect with the company, inquire about products or services, or receive assistance, thereby enhancing website engagement and driving conversions.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Link

Let us now look at how creating and placing WhatsApp links can help your business.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Links

1. Streamlines Communication

WhatsApp links streamline communication by bypassing the need for manual contact addition. This simplifies the process of initiating conversations, making it quicker and more convenient for users to reach out. By eliminating unnecessary steps, communication becomes more efficient and frictionless for both parties involved.

2. Increases Accessibility

WhatsApp links increase accessibility by providing a direct and easy-to-use communication channel. Users can initiate conversations with just a click, eliminating barriers to contact and ensuring that individuals, businesses, or organizations are readily reachable to a wider audience, enhancing inclusivity and engagement.

3. Enhances Customer Engagement

WhatsApp links enhance customer engagement by offering a direct and immediate connection between businesses and their audience. This facilitates real-time interactions, allowing for prompt responses to inquiries, personalized assistance, and tailored communication, fostering stronger relationships and deeper engagement with customers.

4. Improves Response Rates

WhatsApp links improve response rates by simplifying the communication process and making it easier for users to initiate conversations. With a direct channel available, individuals are more likely to engage and send messages, resulting in faster response times from businesses or individuals, thereby improving overall communication efficiency.


In conclusion, integrating WhatsApp links into various platforms and communications significantly enhances accessibility, streamlines communication, and fosters engagement. By offering a direct and efficient channel for interaction, businesses and individuals can effectively connect with their audience, respond promptly to inquiries, and build stronger relationships. The convenience and immediacy provided by WhatsApp links ultimately contribute to improved customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, and more effective communication strategies in today’s digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create a link using the format:[number], where [number] is your full phone number in international format.

To have your own WhatsApp link appear in WhatsApp, simply share or type the URL in a message. For a clickable link in your status or profile, use a WhatsApp link service or tool designed for creating such URLs.

Use the `` URL format with your phone number to create WhatsApp links for yourself. Share this URL as needed.

To navigate the WhatsApp chat on the WhatsApp business app, tap "New Chat" -- "Invite to WhatsApp," and select a contact. For a broader invitation, share your WhatsApp link through email, social media, or other platforms.

Updated : April 1, 2024

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