How to Manage Two or Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone?

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green tickPublished : December 26, 2023

Using multiple WhatsApp accounts is crucial for businesses because it helps them keep personal and work messages separate. When you use the same number for both personal and business communication, mistakes can happen, and you can’t set clear boundaries, like specific work hours.

That’s why having multiple WhatsApp accounts is necessary. Even though WhatsApp now lets you add multiple numbers on one device, the features are quite limited compared to a shared inbox solution like ControlHippo.

In this blog, we’ll break down and compare these two platforms, looking at what they can and can’t do. Let’s get started!

How to Add a Second WhatsApp Account on Android Phone?  

WhatsApp allows you to add a second account on your Android smartphone. To add a second account, you should have a separate device that has a dual SIM option available. 

Once both accounts are set up, you can quickly switch between them on the same device. Here’s how you can add multiple WhatsApp accounts:

Step 1: Tap  Settings > Account > Add Account.

Step 2: Review the Terms and Conditions, and select Agree and Continue.

Step 3: Select your country and add your phone number in international format.

Step 4: Enter the 6-digit registration code received via SMS.

Step 5: Enter your name and profile photo. 

If you want to switch between accounts, 

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp

Step 2: Tap Switch Account

How to Remove an Account?

You can easily remove your account from your smartphone at any time. To remove an account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap > Settings > Account > Remove account.
  2. Click on Confirm. Your account will be removed.

If you want to delete your account,

  1. Tap > Settings > Account > Delete account.
  2. Enter your country code and phone number.

Click on Delete Account.

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts: ControlHippo vs. WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, both WhatsApp app and ControlHippo allow you to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. However, there’s a catch with WhatsApp – to access multiple accounts, you’ll need a second phone number and SIM card, or a phone that supports multi-SIM or eSIM.

In contrast, ControlHippo offers a more convenient solution. With ControlHippo, you can access multiple WhatsApp accounts from just one device without requiring more than one SIM card. Additionally, unlike WhatsApp, ControlHippo allows you to access more than two WhatsApp accounts on the same platform.

Let’s break down the features of WhatsApp and ControlHippo side by side to get a better understanding of these platforms and their offerings, especially regarding multiple accounts.

Multiple Accounts Access
Limited to two account per deviceSupports multiple accounts per user
Multi-User Access
No official support for multi-user accessAllows multi-user access and collaboration
Assign Chat
No built-in feature to assign chatsAllows assignment of chats to specific users
Label Chat
Limited labeling optionsDetailed chat labeling system
Best Suitable For
Personal and small group communicationBusiness and team collaboration
CRM Integration
No CRM integrationsSeamless integration with various CRMs
Broadcast limit
Limited to 256 recipients in a broadcastHigher broadcast limit for mass messaging
Broadcast Reaches
Limited reach for broadcast messagesWider broadcast reach for marketing efforts

As you can see, ControlHippo clearly holds an edge over WhatsApp in all parameters, whether it’s the maximum number of users, CRM integration, or chat allocation. Now, let’s understand how to get started with ControlHippo before we discuss the benefits it offers for businesses.

Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts With ControlHippo
Simply scan the QR codes and add as many WhatsApp accounts as you want—no additional device, no additional costs.

How To Get Started With ControlHippo: Step By Step Guide

Getting started with ControlHippo is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Sign in to your ControlHippo dashboard.

Step 2: Click the + button and choose which account to connect.

Step 3: Generate a QR code.

Step 4: Scan the code with the WhatsApp account you want to add.

If you want to add multiple WhatsApp accounts, repeat steps 2 to 4.

Now, let’s understand how ControlHippo helps in managing multiple WhatsApp accounts.

protip image

To separate your personal and professional communication, it is necessary to use multiple WhatsApp accounts. Even though WhatsApp allows two accounts, the benefits are limited. Consider WhatsApp shared inbox tools like ControlHippo, which not only allows access to multiple accounts but also offers a range of features.

How ControlHippo Helps Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts?

With ControlHippo, you can not only access multiple WhatsApp accounts from the same device without using multiple numbers but also enjoy several other benefits outlined below:

Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Unified Chat View: The first major benefit of using ControlHippo for multiple WhatsApp accounts is that it allows you to consolidate all messages from different channels and sources. This enables managers to better understand the volume and urgency, allowing them to add or remove agents accordingly.

Tag And Assign Chats: In addition to consolidating all messages on a single platform, ControlHippo also allows you to label chats and assign each chat to the right person, ensuring quick and efficient resolution. Ultimately, this contributes to a better user experience and a positive brand image.

Auto Reply and Canned Responses: The ControlHippo WhatsApp shared inbox also allows you to set auto-replies and canned responses to address the most common queries. This not only helps you address queries quickly but also assists in managing a large volume of support requests.

Reports and Analytics: Unlike the WhatsApp app, ControlHippo also provides you with multiple reports and analytics to help you better understand your strategies and outcomes. For example, you can live-track your agents’ performance as well as monitor request volume and resolutions.

In addition to these key benefits, ControlHippo comes with a range of other features, including live chat, WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp Business Web, WhatsApp broadcasting, and many more. It is worth noting that all these features are missing in the case of WhatsApp.

For all these reasons, you must consider embracing ControlHippo for managing multiple WhatsApp accounts.


WhatsApp is indeed a good tool; however, when it comes to managing multiple WhatsApp accounts, it lags behind. Fortunately, with a WhatsApp shared team inbox like ControlHippo, you can address this major issue. Not only does this tool allow you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, but it also offers you a range of features that significantly enhance your business communication.

Updated : May 28, 2024

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