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In a world where instant communication has become a cornerstone of our daily lives, platforms like WhatsApp have transformed the way we connect and interact. WhatsApp, a widely used messaging application, has continually evolved to offer not only real-time conversations but also features that enhance our communication experience. In fact, 64% of people have mentioned that they prefer messaging over a call or email.

From sharing text messages to multimedia content, making voice and video calls, and even setting automated responses, WhatsApp has become an integral part of modern communication. This introduction delves into the multifaceted nature of WhatsApp and its role in shaping how we stay connected in today’s fast-paced digital age.

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"When utilizing WhatsApp's Autoresponder feature, ensure your automated message on WhatsApp is concise, polite, and informative. Keeping your contacts informed about your availability fosters understanding and maintains healthy communication habits. However, remember to check your messages periodically to address any urgent matters that might require your immediate attention."

What Is the Auto Reply Feature in WhatsApp?

The Auto Reply feature in WhatsApp is a functionality that allows users to set up automated responses to incoming messages. When this feature is enabled, WhatsApp will automatically send predefined responses to people who message you without requiring you to manually type out replies each time. This is particularly useful for situations when you cannot respond immediately, such as when you’re busy, driving, or on vacation.

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Auto Reply can be customized to include a personalized message or information about your current status. For instance, if you’re on vacation, your Auto Reply could inform contacts that you’re away and might not be able to respond promptly. This helps manage expectations and ensures that people are aware of your availability.

The availability of features like Auto Reply may vary depending on the version of WhatsApp you’re using and any updates the app has received. Always make sure to check the latest settings and features within the app to make the most of its capabilities.

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When Do You Need WhatsApp Auto Reply?

WhatsApp Auto Reply is a versatile feature that can be incredibly helpful in a variety of situations when you’re unable to respond to messages promptly or individually. Let’s delve into more detail about the scenarios in which WhatsApp Auto Reply messages can prove to be indispensable –

  • Busy Workdays – During hectic workdays filled with meetings, presentations, and tasks that demand your full attention, enabling automated whatsapp messages ensure that your contacts are aware of your unavailability to respond immediately. This prevents frustration from unanswered messages and allows you to maintain your focus on important work commitments.
  • Professional Events – When attending conferences, workshops, or business trips, Auto Reply becomes a professional courtesy. Colleagues, clients, and collaborators will appreciate being informed that you’re currently engaged in a professional setting and will respond as soon as you’re free.
  • Driving and Traveling – WhatsApp auto reply message is a safety feature when you’re on the road or traveling. It helps you adhere to responsible communication practices by informing contacts that you’re driving or in transit and unable to respond until it’s safe to do so.
  • Vacations and Holidays – Taking time off for vacations and holidays is crucial for your well-being, but it can be challenging to disconnect completely. Auto Reply in WhatsApp allows you to set boundaries while informing others that you’re on vacation and will get back to them once you’re back.
  • Emergency Situations – In unexpected emergency situations, your focus should be on addressing the issue at hand. Auto Reply can provide temporary relief by letting contacts know that you’re dealing with an emergency and will get back to them when possible.
  • Personal Downtime – Just as work commitments are important, so is your personal time. Auto Reply empowers you to engage in leisure activities, spend time with loved ones, or simply unwind without the constant interruption of messages.
  • Testing and Configuration – When experimenting with your phone’s settings or apps, enabling Auto Reply prevents accidental messages from being sent out while you’re making adjustments. This helps avoid misunderstandings or incomplete responses.
  • Focus and Productivity – Whether studying, working on creative projects, or pursuing hobbies, Auto Reply maintains your productivity flow by communicating that you’re engrossed in a task and will respond later.
  • Adhering to Policies – In certain professional environments, there might be guidelines that discourage immediate messaging responses. Auto Reply ensures compliance with these policies while conveying a level of professionalism.
  • Social Events – During social gatherings, family gatherings, or personal events, you can set up Auto Reply to let your contacts know that you’re enjoying time with loved ones and will connect with them afterward.
  • Time Zone Differences – If you’re frequently communicating with people across different time zones, Auto Reply can provide context about the time difference and your anticipated response time.

Auto Reply is a powerful tool of WhatsApp business account that balances effective communication with the demands of your personal and professional life. It ensures that you’re approachable while managing expectations about when you’ll be able to respond. This WhatsApp auto reply feature fosters healthier communication habits, respects your time, creates custom schedule for replies, and helps you maintain a sense of control over your digital interactions.

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How to Setup Auto Reply in Your WhatsApp Business Account?

In WhatsApp Business, you can create several kinds of auto-reply setups to engage customers effectively. Types of auto-replies include:

1. Away Message

WhatsApp Business’s “Away Message” lets you set an automated response when you are not available to respond right away. To get it started, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Business
  • Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner to access the menu.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Business settings” > “Away message.”
  • Turn on the “Send away message” toggle.
  • Customize your away message to inform customers about your absence and when you’ll be back.
  • You can also schedule when you want this away message to be sent automatically.
    1. Always Send: Message will be sent at all times.
    2. Custom schedule: Select this when you want to send the automated away messages only during a particular time frame.
    3. Outside of business hours: Messages will be sent outside of business hours.
      [Note: To select this option, first, you need to set your business hours in your whatsapp business profile.]
  • Lastly, select the recipients to whom the auto-reply should be sent.
  • Save your changes.

That’s it, you have successfully set away messages for Whatsapp business.

2. Greeting Message

In WhatsApp Business, you can create a greeting message that provides an introductory message to customers when they first contact you. To create a greeting message, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Business
  • Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner to open the menu. 
  • Select Business settings, there you should find an option called “Greeting message.” Tap on this option.
  • Turn on the toggle switch to enable the greeting message.
  • Next Click on Greeting Message and You’ll see a text box where you can enter the greeting message you want to use. This message will be automatically sent to customers who message you for the first time or after a 14-day inactivity period.
  • You can customize the greeting message to welcome customers, provide information about your business, and give them an idea of how you can assist them. Keep it concise and informative.
  • After creating your greeting message make sure to save your changes.

That’s it, you have successfully set a Greeting message for Whatsapp business.

3. Quick Replies

The WhatsApp Business Quick Replies feature can help you save time by creating pre-written responses to frequently asked questions. To set up quick replies, follow these steps:

Steps to Setup Whatsapp Business Auto Reply

  • Open WhatsApp Business
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner. 
  • Then, choose “Business settings.” Look for and select the “Quick replies” option.
  • You can choose to start a new quick reply. To begin, use the “+” or “Add” button.
  • Enter a brief word or phrase that you’ll use to initiate the quick reply in the “Shortcut” field. For example, you might use the shortcut “/address” to set up a quick reply for your company address.
  • Enter the complete response you want to use for the quick reply in the “Message” box. This may include an effective response to frequently asked questions, your contact details, or any other details you often share with clients.
  • Now, Simply enter the shortcut in the message input box (for example, “/address”) to use a quick reply while talking with a customer. The quick reply will immediately be suggested by WhatsApp, and you can click it to send the pre-written message.
  • To manage, update, or delete quick replies, you can always return to the “Quick replies” section of your Business settings. This helps to keep your fast responses relevant and updated.

That’s it, you have successfully set quick replies for Whatsapp business.

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Samples/Examples for WhatsApp Auto Reply

Autoresponder WhatsApp messages can save time and help in better engagement with your prospects and customers. Below are the top 20 examples and use cases of autoresponder examples for WhatsApp.

  1. Unavailable Temporarily: “Hello! I’m currently unavailable, but I’ll respond to your message shortly. Thanks for your patience!”
  2. Weekend Getaway: “Hi there! I’m enjoying a weekend getaway and might have limited access to my phone. I’ll catch up with you on Monday!”
  3. On a Call: “Hey! I’m on a call right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m off the call. Thank you!”Whatsapp Auto Reply Example
  4. Working on a Project: “Greetings! I’m deeply focused on a project at the moment. I’ll check my messages periodically and respond when I can.”
  5. Offline Hours: “Hello! It’s outside my usual working business hours. I’ll be back online at [time] and will reply then. Have a great day!”
  6. Attending an Event: “Hi! I’m attending an event, so I might be slow to respond. I’ll catch up with you later. Thanks for understanding!”
  7. Limited Connectivity: “Hey there! I’m in an area with limited connectivity. I’ll do my best to respond, but please bear with me.”
  8. Personal Reflection Time: “Hello! I’m taking some personal reflection time and will be away from my phone. I’ll reply when I’m back.”
  9. Out for Lunch: “Hi! I’m out for lunch right now. I’ll be back in a little while and will respond to your message then.”
  10. Preoccupied with Family: “Greetings! Spending quality time with family at the moment. I’ll get back to you when I’m available.”
  11. Attending a Workshop: “Hey! I’m attending a workshop and won’t be able to respond immediately. I’ll catch up with you afterward.”
  12. Tech Issue – Delayed Response: “Hello! I’m experiencing some technical issues, so my responses might be delayed. Thanks for your understanding.”
  13. Away for Exercise: “Hi there! I’m hitting the gym for a workout session. I’ll reply to your message once I’m done. Stay active!”
  14. Catching Up on Emails: “Greetings! I’m catching up on emails right now. I’ll address your WhatsApp message after I’m done.”Whatsapp Auto Reply Example
  15. Enjoying a Movie: “Hello! I’m enjoying a movie and won’t be checking my phone. I’ll respond to you when the credits roll.”
  16. On Parental Duty: “Hi! I’m on parental duty right now. I’ll reply to your message as soon as I can.”
  17. Family Celebration: “Greetings! I’m celebrating a special occasion with family. I’ll respond to your message when the festivities are over.”
  18. Reading Time: “Hello! I’m indulging in some reading time. I’ll get back to you once I finish this chapter.”
  19. Post-Work Relaxation: “Hey there! I’m winding down after work. I’ll reply to your message as I relax.”
  20. Tech-Free Zone: “Hello! I’m enjoying a tech-free zone for a while. I’ll respond to your message later when I’m back online.”

Feel free to adapt and personalize these Autoresponder examples based on your circumstances. you can send greeting messages or stay informative with automated messages. Remember, effective communication and setting clear expectations are key to using this feature on WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts 

Autoresponder feature in WhatsApp offers a convenient and efficient way to manage your messages when you’re unable to respond immediately. Whether you’re immersed in work, enjoying personal time, or facing specific situations like driving or being on vacation, Autoresponder helps maintain effective communication while respecting your availability and boundaries.

By utilizing Autoresponder, you can set clear expectations for your contacts, letting them know when they can anticipate your response. This feature is versatile, catering to a wide range of scenarios, from professional commitments to personal downtime. Its adaptability ensures that you can strike a balance between staying connected and prioritizing your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can set an auto-reply on WhatsApp. This feature, often referred to as "Autoresponder," allows you to create pre-defined messages that will be sent automatically to people who message you when you're unavailable. It's especially useful when you're busy, driving, on vacation, or engaged in other activities that prevent you from responding immediately.

WhatsApp's built-in Autoresponder feature is available for free to all users. You can access it through the WhatsApp settings. However, there are also third-party apps and services that offer more advanced auto-reply functionalities, but these may come with different pricing models and features.

To send an automatic message on WhatsApp daily, you can use the built-in Autoresponder feature if it's available on your version of the app. Here's how:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the settings menu.
  • Look for the "Business tools" or "Business settings" section, depending on your app version.
  • Find the "Away message" or "Quick replies" option.
  • Create a new message and set it to be sent automatically.
  • Schedule the message to repeat daily by selecting the appropriate option.

Updated : September 14, 2023

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