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WhatsApp is taking the world by storm! With multiple facets, like WhatsApp Business, being introduced, companies have been using this platform more than ever. It is projected that 3.6 billion US dollars will be spent on WhatsApp’s Business platform by 2024. 

WhatsApp Business’s popularity is due to the innumerable features it offers —one of them being WhatsApp business labels. 

Do you remember marking the main lessons before your exam to find them when necessary? WhatsApp business labels do exactly that! It organizes your chats and messages to help you find them in need. 

WhatsApp Business Labels

We’ll now learn more about WhatsApp labels and find out ways to create them.

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Why Should You Use WhatsApp Business Labels?

WhatsApp Business labels are crucial in streamlining and enhancing communication. WhatsApp business tags offer multiple benefits to elevate your business’s efficiency and customer service. Let’s take a look at a few main reasons why you should use labels WhatsApp business.

Reasons To Use WhatsApp Business Labels

1. Organized Communication

WhatsApp Business labels categorize and organize chats effectively. It allows us to label conversations based on the nature of inquiries, like “New Orders,” “Customer Support,” or “Pending Payments.” This organized approach to the label menu ensures that teams can prioritize and address issues promptly, leading to improved response times and customer satisfaction.

2. Personalized Customer Engagement

Leveraging WhatsApp label chat helps personalize interactions with customers. By categorizing contacts into segments like “VIP Customers” or “Frequent Shoppers,” you can tailor your messages to specific groups and deliver targeted promotions, updates, or exclusive offers.

3. Efficient Follow-ups

Remember to follow up

Tracking and managing follow-ups is made seamless with label chat WhatsApp business. You can label conversations with statuses like “Follow-up Needed” or “Awaiting Customer Response,” ensuring that no query slips through the cracks. 

It helps maintain a consistent and reliable follow-up process and demonstrates your commitment to resolving customer issues promptly.

4. Team Collaboration

WhatsApp Business labels facilitate effective collaboration within your team. By categorizing and labeling conversations, different team members can quickly grasp the context of certain messages, enabling a smoother transition between the team. It reduces miscommunication and improves overall teamwork.

5. Performance Analysis

 Analyzing the performance of customer interactions is crucial for refining business strategies. WhatsApp Business labels provide insights into the volume and nature of conversations in each category.

With the use of this data, you can spot trends, evaluate the success of your outreach initiatives, and make smart decisions that will improve your strategy for engaging customers overall.

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How To Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Labels?

Depending on which operating system you use, there will be some differences in how to set up your new labels for WhatsApp Business.

For Android Users 

Creating a label on Android requires a long press on the desired message or conversation, selecting “Labels,” and either adding a new label or choosing an existing one, with a maximum limit of 20 labels.

To locate tagged content, you need to navigate to “Chats,” select “More Options,” and then apply “Labels.”  It is necessary to tap on the desired label. In a conversation, you can access the group icon or the profile image.

To handle labels on an Android device, navigate to the Chats tab’s “More Options” section and select “Labels.” Choosing “More Options” after tapping on a label lets you change or remove its color and title.

Performing actions on labeled items is accomplished by clicking and holding them. As with iOS, multiple labels can be assigned to the same item.

For iOS Users

To create a label, navigate to the entire “Chat” section, swipe downward, tap “Labels,” and then choose “Add a New Label.” Input the desired title and click “Save,” with a maximum of 20 labels permitted.

Applying a label to a conversation or group involves swiping left on the chat, choosing “More,” and then selecting “Label Chat.” For labeling a message, perform a long-press on the message, click “More,” and then opt for “Label.”

To manage labels, select “Labels” by swiping down from the top of the “Chats” page.  Simply pick a label and press “Edit” to make modifications, including changes to color, title, or deletion. The same item can have a number of labels applied to it.

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How To Use Customized WhatsApp Business Labels Using ControlHippo?

Labels play a crucial role in WhatsApp Business, and with ControlHippo, you can enhance their capabilities further. To start, you can link your ControlHippo inbox with the WhatsApp Business API, ensuring that all your WhatsApp messages land directly in your inbox. 

This setup allows multiple customer service agents to handle incoming customer conversations, using WhatsApp labels to understand how to best assist each customer. With ControlHippo, nothing slips through the cracks, and your customers receive personalized service.

Unified Communication Platform For Sales & Support

With ControlHippo, you can organize messages according to their topics. Such a streamlined approach ensures efficient handling of customer queries and maximizes the efficiency of your customer support efforts.

Customer Communication Platform for Sales & Support Teams
Streamline customer conversations across multiple channels with a unified dashboard

What Can I Do With WhatsApp Business Labels?

You can do multiple things with label chat WhatsApp Business. You can:

  • Review the clients you are engaged with. It serves as a valuable method to monitor outstanding payments.
  • Keep tabs on clients as they progress through your sales pipeline. You can effectively handle customer interactions by utilizing labels to trace their position in the sales funnel, be it lead, sales call, or follow-up.
  • Avoid consumers becoming confused and receiving irrelevant messages at the wrong time in the sales funnel by using WhatsApp labels.
  • Supervise crucial messages by marking time-sensitive or significant communications with Labels like “Urgent,” “ Awaiting Reply,” etc.

How To Apply WhatsApp Labels To Chats?

There are two methods to assign WhatsApp Business labels: one from the primary chat list and the other from within a chat.

  • Swipe a contact message to the left on the main chat list, select “More,” and then choose “Label Chat.”
  • To access the “Information Panel” and find the “Labels” button when in a chat, simply tap the name of the chat at the top of the phone.

How To Sort By Labels?

You have two options for organizing your chats by WhatsApp Label:

  • In the primary Chat list, enter the label’s name in the search bar. All chats with that Label will be displayed.
  • Use Business Tools by selecting “Labels,” then choose a specific Label to view all chats categorized under it.

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Understanding how to set up WhatsApp Business labels on different operating systems, like Android and iOS, is crucial to leveraging their full potential.

Moreover, integrating ControlHippo with WhatsApp Business labels takes the benefits to the next level. By linking your ControlHippo inbox with the WhatsApp Business API, you empower multiple customer service agents to deliver personalized service efficiently. 

From monitoring outstanding payments to tracking clients’ progress through the sales pipeline, WhatsApp labels are versatile tools for effective customer relationship management. WhatsApp Business labels improve business operations by managing important messages and avoiding confusion with tailored messaging.

Regain control of your business communication today!

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business labels are organizational tools that categorize and tag chats based on content or purpose. It streamlines communication and helps businesses to prioritize, track, and offer personalized customer engagement.

To create labels on WhatsApp Web, click on the chat you want to label, click the three dots in the top right, select (Create a Label,) enter a name, and click Save.

To add labels to WhatsApp contacts, swipe a chat left on the main list, select [More], and choose [Label Chat]. Within a chat, tap the chat name, open the [Information Panel], and locate [Labels].

Updated : April 11, 2024

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