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Leveraging WhatsApp Web Business can streamline conversations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost sales with its stack of powerful tool and useful features. From profile and catalog creation to extending customer support via automated messages or quick replies, WhatsApp Business Web allows you to do it all and more, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have curated this guide to take you through the basics of WhatsApp Web Business and how it differs from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business. We’ll also look at its benefits and how to use it on a browser and PC (Android and Mac). At last, we have also revealed how you can manage WhatsApp Business desktop for multiple users. Let’s dive right in!

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"Customers love and prefer a brand that treats customers well and proactively solves their queries. But with the high number of customers and heaps of issues, delivering a good customer experience becomes difficult. Not anymore! Strategically leveraging WhatsApp Business Web can help you do that effortlessly. Learn how to use it and the benefits to expect today!"

What Is WhatsApp Business Web? 

WhatsApp Business Web is the web extension/application of WhatsApp Business app developed to fulfill business purposes and is accessible on both PC and desktop. It is ideal for businesses with numerous customer queries, as WhatsApp web allows you to respond to and manage conversations efficiently.

This web version allows you to leverage the stack of features extended by WhatsApp business app. The feature stack includes sending and receiving messages, creating and managing automated whatsapp messages, and generating message statistics. 

The best part of WhatsApp Business Web is that it automatically syncs your chat, media, and settings across devices so that you never miss out on any important update, even on the go, when using another device.

How to use WhatsApp Business Web on a Browser?

Want to use WhatsApp Business Web to communicate with your customers but prefer managing interactions on the big screen with advanced features? You can do that with WhatsApp Web Business by accessing it on a browser–Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Take the following steps for WhatsApp Business Web login on a browser:


Step 1: Open the browser

The foremost step to use WhatsApp Business Web is to head to its official website on your preferred browser. 

Step 2: Open the WhatsApp Business app

The next step to use Whatsapp Business Web is to go to the WhatsApp business application on your mobile, select the linked devices option, and tap on the link a device bar.

Step 3: Link the app and web 

Once you tap the link a device option, it will open a QR code scanner that you need to use to scan the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp web desktop screen.

Step 4: Start using WhatsApp Web 

After you scan the QR code, your WhatsApp Web Business is linked with your WhatsApp Business mobile application, and your chats, media, and settings will automatically sync. Now you can use WA Business Web to manage customer conversation on your desktop browser.

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How to use WhatsApp Business with the Windows desktop app?

Although WhatsApp can be used on a browser without needing to install an app, relying on a WhatsApp desktop app on a Windows computer is a wise choice. Here’s why: 

Utilizing-WhatsApp-Business (1)

  • The WhatsApp Business Desktop app is PC optimized, giving you a seamless user experience
  • WhatsApp Business app for desktop isn’t dependent on the mobile app, allowing you to manage customer interactions even when you don’t have access to your mobile
  • This dedicated WhatsApp Business app keeps you updated on all developments in existing conversations and notifies you of any new, important messages, which is not the case with web browser

Convinced enough to adopt the WhatsApp Business app on PC? Here’s how you can set up your WhatsApp business application effortlessly:

Step 1: Get the app

To use WhatsApp Business on a Windows device, you must first go to the Microsoft Store and download WhatsApp Business on a desktop. You can do it by searching for WhatsApp Desktop on the Microsoft Store. A QR code will be displayed on your desktop screen when you open the app.

Step 2: Head to the WhatsApp Business App

After installing the Whatsapp Desktop Business app, it’s time to set it up. So, to use the WhatsApp Business app, you need to open the WhatsApp Business mobile app, go to linked devices, and tap link a device. 

Step 3: Linking mobile and desktop app

Once you click on the link a device option, a QR code scanner will show up. So, use it to scan the QR code displayed on your desktop screen. After you scan the QR code, your account will be connected instantly.

Step 4: Get started with the WhatsApp Business desktop app

After your account is connected, your WhatsApp Desktop Business account will open on your desktop app. That’s how you use WhatsApp Business app on your desktop to interact with customers and avail of the advanced features.

Stick to these steps to use WhatsApp Business on a desktop.

How to use WhatsApp Business with the Mac Desktop App?

WhatsApp Business on Windows PC is for Windows users. However, if you have Mac Desktop, you’ll need access to WhatsApp Business on PC, the MAC way. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp Business app on a Mac desktop: 

Utilizing-WhatsApp-Business-on-PC (1)

Step 1: Get the app

To use WhatsApp Business on Mac, you must first go to the App Store and download WhatsApp Desktop. Open the app and wait for the QR code to appear on your screen.

Step 2: Head to the WhatsApp Business App

After installing the Whatsapp Business desktop app for Mac PC, start setting up your WhatsApp account. For that, open the WhatsApp Business app on your mobile, select the linked devices option, and tap link a device. 

Step 3: Linking mobile and desktop app

After tapping the link a device option, a scanner will be displayed on your mobile screen. So, use it to scan the QR code on your desktop app, and your WhatsApp desktop app and mobile app account will be linked instantly.

Step 4: Get started with the WhatsApp Business desktop app

After your account is connected, your WhatsApp Business account will open on your desktop app. That’s how to use WhatsApp Business app on a Mac desktop to interact with customers and avail of the advanced features.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Web

WhatsApp Business for Web aims to improve customer engagement by streamlining business communication using its wide range of advanced features. Here are some other benefits WhatsApp Business Web offers that’ll compel you to shift to WhatsApp for business Web


1. Accessibility 

WhatsApp for Business Web is accessible with just a scan of a code on any computer or laptop, making it independent of location and device. As a result, it will always suit your location, enhancing accessibility. Will switching devices to use WhatsApp hinder the conversation flow? Not at all! Because all the data syncs in real-time, giving you a smooth transition experience. 

2. Multi-device support 

With WA Business (WhatsApp Web), you can log in to the same account from multiple devices, which means you can assign it to your team members to provide quick, dedicated support. When the support team manages the same business account, the level and quality of collaboration is bound to improve. Needless to say, the response time drops significantly. 

3. Efficient customer communication

Business Web WhatsApp facilitates efficient communication with customers via its advanced features. This will inevitably lead to business success, as 68% of customers believe that positive customer experience across a specific messaging channel can boost customer loyalty.

Here’s how WhatsApp Business Web facilitates efficient customer communication: 

  • Unified messaging on WhatsApp allows you to manage customer conversations in one place, reducing response time and efficient query resolution.
  • Automated messages functionality enables you to set triggers to send welcome texts on new and unavailable texts–business hours/support time whenever you’re not there, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Media sharing feature allows you to share photos, videos, locations, and documents, so it’s easier to show customers the product or catalog, send order confirmations, and send/receive location information for deliveries, keeping customers in the loop. 
  • Notifications alert you on new customer queries or messages to respond quickly and proactively.
  • Broadcast list creation empowers you to send one message to multiple customers simultaneously, eliminating the need to message customers individually, which is time effective. Make sure you opt for reliable WhatsApp bulk sender software like ControlHippo

4. Quick setup and synchronization 

Business Web WhatsApp is easy to set up. It takes a few seconds to set up as you just have to scan the QR displayed on your desktop with your WhatsApp mobile app scanner and get started. 

Once your WhatsApp Web for Business is logged in, all your existing chat data and settings automatically sync and appear on your desktop. This enables you to access customer interactions across any computer connected to a stable internet, regardless of location.

Not just that, WhatsApp Web for Business provides real-time synchronization, which means that changes you make on one device are automatically made on other devices. So you are updated on all conversations no matter which device you use.

5. Enhanced features

WhatsApp Web for business has some high-utility features that streamline customer interactions and help you easily manage them. 


Some of the major features and their benefits are: 

  • Personalized automation automatically sends quick replies to common questions, reducing response time and enhancing customer experience. 
  • Labels segregate conversations based on different categories, streamlining data.
  • Quick replies to share pre-created responses to frequently asked questions, saving time.
  • End-to-end encryption helps you safeguard customers’ safety by keeping the customer’s credentials secure. 
  • Analytics enables you to track sent, delivered, and read messages with response time for queries raised, enhancing customer experience.
  • Marketing campaigns feature target prospects by sending promotional whatsapp messages and showing advertisements to reach a wider audience.  

6. Integration with other business tools

WhatsApp Web for Business integrates with other business tools, streamlining customer conversations and automating operational tasks to level up your customer support game. 

Here are some major WhatsApp Business integrations that’d add the highest value to your businesses: 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) unifies customer information, making tracking and communicating with customers easier on WhatsApp.
  • E-commerce platforms connect your online store with WhatsApp, so extending a personalized customer experience is easier by updating them with order status and updates.
  • Social media management tools empower you to build a strong online presence by scheduling, managing, and engaging with content across platforms while managing customer interactions (WhatsApp).
  • Chatbot tools automate your common responses on WhatsApp so you can instantly solve customer queries, schedule appointments, collect information, and more to reduce response time.
  • Help Desk helps you build a centralized system for managing customer queries–query resolution and ticket raising so you respond to every query instantly.
  • Analytics and reporting software furnishes in-depth insights into customer behavior based on customer interactions via WhatsApp so you can make data-driven decisions. 

These integrations empower you with crucial information needed for more informed decision-making and free you from the stress of performing operational tasks by automating them.

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7. Increased productivity

WA Business Web helps businesses interact with customers more efficiently while saving time with its advanced, high-utility features. 

Here’s how WhatsApp Web Business can enhance your business productivity: 

  • The quick reply feature adds a shortcut to a message you send more frequently, so you don’t waste time typing the entire thing for every customer.
  • Custom automatic greeting warmly targets prospects/customers, making you responsive with consistent messages–instant reply to common customer queries and inform them about your unavailability. 
  • Labels categorize customers based on priority, so you focus more on crucial customers rather than draining time on low-priority customers.
  • Catalogs organize and enlist your products and services for customers to go through and find what they’re looking for, so you don’t have to deal with each of them separately.

These features boost productivity by eliminating the need to manually perform tedious and operational tasks so you can focus on more strategic tasks. This is important as 40% of employees spend over a quarter of their week completing operational tasks, which could be used in developing strategies crucial for business growth. 

Wrapping Up 

WA Business Web is tailor-made for businesses looking to manage their customer interactions efficiently. Wisely using its features can bring manifold benefits, save time, boost productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction by reducing response time.

If that’s your aim, start leveraging WhatsApp Business Web. You can always refer to our guide for a roadmap to using it on a browser or a PC (Android or Mac). Once you get the hang of WA Business Web, there’s no going back!

Updated : September 20, 2023

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