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Nowadays, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their customer service and communication strategies. WhatsApp Quick Reply is one such feature that has gained popularity among businesses using the WhatsApp Business App. around 39% of users prefer WhatsApp channel for customer service, hence it becomes crucial to activate quick replies for better customer experience.

This feature streamlines communication, saving time and improving efficiency. In this blog, we’ll explore what WhatsApp Quick Reply is and provide step-by-step instructions on how to set it up on the WhatsApp Business App.

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"Utilize quick replies to streamline customer interactions and enhance response times. Craft concise and informative messages, and regularly update your quick reply library to stay relevant to customer needs. Always maintain a personal touch when necessary to provide a personalized customer experience while using quick replies as a time-saving tool."

What Is WhatsApp Quick Reply?

WhatsApp Quick Reply is a feature designed to help businesses respond to customer queries and messages more efficiently. Quick reply messages for business allows you to create and use pre-written, customizable messages that can be sent with just a few taps. These quick replies can be used for commonly asked questions or to provide a swift acknowledgment of customer inquiries.

Quick Reply is particularly valuable for businesses with high message volumes, as it reduces the time spent typing out the same responses repeatedly. It’s a time-saving solution that helps improve response times and enhances the overall customer experience.

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How to Create WhatsApp Quick Reply Messages on Business App?

Below are the main steps for setting up WhatsApp quick replies so that your team can focus more on important tasks.

Step 1: Install WhatsApp Business App

If you haven’t already, download and install the WhatsApp Business app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Make sure to set up your WhatsApp Business account with your business phone number.

Step 2: Access Business Settings

After installing the app and verifying your phone number, open WhatsApp Business and tap the three dots in the top-right corner to access the menu. From there, select “Business tools.”

Step 3: Set Up WhatsApp Quick Replies

In the “Business tools” section, you will find the “Quick replies” option. Tap on it to create and manage your quick replies.

Step 4: Create a New WhatsApp Quick Reply

To create a new quick reply, tap “Add quick reply.” You can now set up your quick reply as follows:

  • Shortcut: This is the keyword or shortcut you will type to trigger the quick reply. For example, if you’re setting up a quick reply for your business address, you could use “address” as the shortcut.
  • Message: Enter the full message you want to use as the quick reply. For our example, type your business address.
  • Save: After entering the shortcut and message, tap “Save” to save your quick reply.

Step 5: Use Quick Replies

Now that you’ve created your quick reply, you can use it in your conversations with customers. Whenever you want to send the saved message, just type the shortcut you assigned (e.g., “address”) into the chat. WhatsApp will offer the option to select the quick reply message you created, making it easy to send.

Step 6: Edit or Delete Quick Replies

If you ever need to edit or delete a quick reply, return to the “Quick replies” section in your “Business tools.” Find the quick reply you want to modify or remove and tap on it. You can then edit the shortcut or message, or delete the quick reply as needed.

Step 7: Manage Quick Replies

As your business evolves, you might need to create additional quick replies to address common customer inquiries. You can manage all your quick replies in the “Quick replies” section, making it easy to keep them organized and up-to-date.

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How To Set up WhatsApp Quick Reply Messages with ControlHippo?

Want to improve customer experience? Take advantage of the Templates feature of ControlHippo’s WhatsApp Shared Inbox – set up with these easy steps – 

Step 1: Sign Up and Login to ControlHippo

To get started with ControlHippo, follow these steps:

Step 2: Connect Your WhatsApp Account

  • After login to ControlHippo, you will get to see a welcome screen on your computer.
  • Authenticate your account by scanning the QR code displayed on your computer screen using your WhatsApp mobile app.

Step 3: Create WhatsApp Quick Reply Messages

Now that your WhatsApp account is connected to ControlHippo, it’s time to create quick reply messages. In ControlHippo, navigate to the “Templates” section and tap on “Create template”, then follow these steps:

  • Template category: Select one category(utility, marketing or authentication) from dropdown..
  • Template Name: This is the name or shortcut you will type to trigger the quick reply. For example, if you’re setting up a quick reply for your business address, you could use “address” as the template name.
  • Template Format: Enter the full message you want to use as the quick reply. For our example, type your business address.
  • Submit: After entering the name and message, tap “Submit to save your quick reply.

Step 4: Use WhatsApp Quick Replies

You can utilize your short reply in your client chats now that you have developed it. Simply enter the template name you assigned with a backslash(/) (for example, “/address”) into the chat window whenever you wish to send the saved message. Sending is made simple with ControlHippo, which will allow you to choose the rapid reply message you wrote.

Step 5: Edit or Delete Quick Replies

To make changes or remove a fast reply, go back to your “ControlHippo Dashboard” and select the “Templates” option. Locate the fast reply that you wish to edit or delete, then press on it. The short reply can then be deleted if necessary, and the Template name and message can be changed.

Note : While WhatsApp only provides quick replies for WhatsApp business numbers, with ControlHippo, you can use quick replies for both personal and business numbers.

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13 WhatsApp Quick Reply Message Templates

Quick reply messages are a powerful tool for providing efficient and effective customer service on WhatsApp. They allow you to respond promptly to common inquiries, saving time and ensuring consistent communication. Below, we’ve provided 13 WhatsApp quick reply templates that you can use to enhance your customer service.

1. Greeting Message

  • "Hello! Thank you for getting in touch with us. How may we assist you today?"
  • "Hi there! We're delighted to see you here. How can we help you today?"
  • "Welcome! Your questions and concerns are important to us. How can we assist you?"

2. Business Hours

  • "Our team is available to assist you during our business hours, which are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM."
  • "Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. Feel free to reach out during these times."
  • "We're here to assist you on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. Please get in touch during our business hours."

3. Order Status

  • "Your order with reference #[Order Number] is currently on its way to you. You can track its progress using this link [Order Tracking Link]."
  • "Good news! Your order #[Order Number] is in transit. For tracking information, use this link [Order Tracking Link]."
  • "Your order #[Order Number] is on the move! To track it, please follow this link [Order Tracking Link]."

4. Product Information

  • "The [Product Name] is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Which size are you interested in?"
  • "The [Product Name] comes in various sizes, including Small, Medium, and Large. Let us know your preference."
  • "Our [Product Name] is versatile, with size options such as Small, Medium, and Large. Which size suits your needs?"

5. Pricing Information

  • "Our pricing depends on the product and quantity. To provide an accurate quote, please specify the product and quantity you're interested in."
  • "For pricing details, we need to know the specific product and quantity you're looking for. Could you please provide those details?"
  • "To give you an accurate price, we'll need information about the product and the quantity you require. Please share those details."

6. Return and Refund Policy

  • "Our return and refund policy allows returns within 30 days of purchase. To proceed, kindly provide your order number for processing."
  • "You can initiate a return within 30 days of purchase as per our return policy. Please provide your order number to start the process."
  • "We accept returns within 30 days from the purchase date. If you wish to return an item, please share your order number with us."

7. Frequently Asked Questions

  • "We have compiled answers to common queries in our FAQ section. You can find them [FAQ Link]."
  • "For quick answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page [FAQ Link]."
  • "Our FAQ page [FAQ Link] is a valuable resource for finding answers to common queries."

8. Contact Information

  • "Feel free to reach us via email at [Email Address] or call us at [Phone Number] for further assistance."
  • "You can contact us through email at [Email Address] or by phone at [Phone Number] if you need assistance."
  • "If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach us via email at [Email Address] or call us at [Phone Number]."

9. Technical Support

  • "Our technical support team is here to help. Please describe the issue you're facing, and we'll assist you in resolving it."
  • "If you're experiencing technical difficulties, our support team is ready to help. Please provide details of the issue, and we'll work to resolve it."
  • "We have a dedicated technical support team ready to assist you. To address any technical concerns, please explain the issue, and we'll provide solutions."

10. Appointment Confirmation

  • "Your appointment for [Date and Time] is confirmed. We look forward to assisting you at that time."
  • "Great news! Your appointment on [Date and Time] is confirmed. We'll be ready to assist you."
  • "We've successfully scheduled your appointment for [Date and Time]. We're eager to help you at your chosen time."

11. Subscription Information

  • "For detailed information about our subscription plans, please visit our website [Subscription Link]."
  • "You can find comprehensive information about our subscription plans on our website [Subscription Link]."
  • "Interested in our subscription offerings? You can explore all the details on our website [Subscription Link]."

12. Feedback Request

  • "Your feedback is valuable to us. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on our service by clicking this link [Feedback Link]."
  • "We genuinely appreciate your feedback. To provide your thoughts on our service, click this link [Feedback Link]."
  • "Your feedback helps us improve. Kindly click this link [Feedback Link] to share your thoughts on our service."

13. Thank You Message

  • "Thank you for choosing our services. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. We value your business!"
  • "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask."
  • "Your support means the world to us. If you ever need assistance or have more questions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you!"


Setting up WhatsApp quick reply messages with ControlHippo is a smart move for businesses looking to streamline their customer interactions and provide efficient and consistent responses. Moreover, you can use the above-mentioned templates for a better customer experience.

Updated : April 11, 2024

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