WhatsApp Management Solution for Medical Industry

Level-up patient’s communication and coordination on WhatsApp.

  • Centralize and manage multiple WhatsApp Account communication from one dashboard
  • Integrate WhatsApp seamlessly with Zoho and other CRM Software
  • Design tailored workflows and automated processes
  • Simplify appointment scheduling and information exchange
WhatsApp Management Solution for Medical Tourism Industry

Advantages of WhatsApp Shared Inbox in the Medical Industry

Explore how WhatsApp shared inbox reshapes communication, coordination, and patient satisfaction in the medical sector.

Manage Multiple WhatsApp Numbers For Quick Query Resolution

  • Centralize patient communications, adding multiple WhatsApp numbers.
  • Use Chat Labels for efficient patient management and query resolution.
  • Gain insights through Analytics for better patient engagement strategies.
Efficient Patient Management and Resolution
Faster Patient Assistance and Smoother Teamwork

WhatsApp Business API for Bulk Messaging

  • Integrate WhatsApp Business API for streamlined patient communication.
  • Delegate chats for faster patient assistance and smoother teamwork.
  • Provide real-time support for improved patient satisfaction.

Use WhatsApp Quick Replies For Instant Assistance

  • Automate responses with WhatsApp Quick Reply Templates for faster query handling.
  • Resolve chats swiftly, ensuring no patient concern goes unnoticed.
  • Send important updates using WhatsApp Bulk Messages for patient convenience.
Automated Query Handling and Patient Convenience
Improved Follow-Up Processes for Enhanced Patient Care

Broadcast Marketing Campaign For Targeted Promotions

  • Conduct targeted promotions through Broadcast Campaigns for patient engagement.
  • Improve patient follow-ups by efficiently assigning and tracking chats.
  • Increase sales by automating WhatsApp messages based on patient behavior.

Utilize Analytics For Clear Oversight and Collaboration

  • Utilize Analytics to measure patient communication effectiveness and adjust strategies.
  • Maintain clear oversight of patient concerns and resolutions with chat statuses.
  • Create WhatsApp groups based on patient types for tailored communication.
Enhanced Oversight and Effective Collaboration

Major Use Cases of WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Customer Support
Manage queries, provide swift responses, enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Team Collaboration
Efficiently coordinate tasks, share updates, foster seamless teamwork dynamics.

Sales Engagement
Engage prospects, nurture leads, and close it faster with personalized interactions.

Marketing Campaigns
Broadcast promotions, gather feedback, and analyze campaign effectiveness collaboratively.

WhatsApp CRM Integration for Medical Business

Multiply benefits by integrating WhatsApp and CRM systems. Improve patient communication and get real-time insights.
    • Centralized Patient Information: Consolidate patient communication history from WhatsApp into the CRM system for detailed insights.
    • Efficient Appointment Management: Automate appointment scheduling through WhatsApp integration with CRM, reducing no-shows.
    • Optimized Lead Management: Capture leads directly from WhatsApp and integrate them into your CRM for efficient lead cycle management.
    WhatsApp CRM Integration for Medical Tourism Business

    How to Integrate ControlHippo With ZOHO and other CRM Solutions?

    Step 1: Navigate to the 'Integrations' tab on ControlHippo's Dashboard.

    Step 2: Pick your preferred CRM from the available options.

    Step 3: Authenticate integration by logging into your CRM account.

    Step 4: Allow and install the tool to complete the integration process.

    Step 5: Customize data sharing preferences between ControlHippo and your CRM.


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    Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Industry

    • ControlHippo's shared WhatsApp inbox is a centralized platform that allows multiple users to manage WhatsApp messages collaboratively. This will ensure prompt responses and efficient communication with patients.

    • ControlHippo improves patient satisfaction by streamlining communication processes and enabling faster response times to inquiries. Moreover, it also ensures efficient appointment scheduling, personalized interactions, and better follow-up support. All these benefits result in a superior patient experience.

    • Yes, ControlHippo WhatsApp shared inbox is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its scalable features allow small medical businesses to effectively manage patient communications, streamline operations, and deliver high-quality services to their clientele.

    • Yes, ControlHippo offers seamless integration with various CRM systems. This will allow businesses to centralize patient communication data, automate workflows, and gain deeper insights into patient interactions. Eventually, it improves engagement and service delivery.

    • ControlHippo prioritizes data security and compliance. It leverages robust encryption protocols and regular audits to safeguard patient information. Additionally, it also ensures HIPAA compliance and maintains patient confidentiality at all times.

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