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ControlHippo Vs. Chattigo: A Detailed Comparison

Wondering what makes ControlHippo a superior WhatsApp communication platform? Explore the unique features and
functionalities of ControlHippo and discover why it has an edge. 

Canned Message Templates
Chrome Extension
Customer Support
Integration Support
Contact Sync
Monthly Pricing
Offers a wide range of canned templates
24*7 support
Supports all CRM tools
Supports unlimited contact sync
$25 a month
Chattigo Logo
Does not provide canned templates
Not Available
8*5 support. Available only during standard business hours.
Does not support CRM integration
Has limitations in contact sync
$95 a month

Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

From canned message templates to Chrome extensions, ControlHippo offers a broad array of sophisticated features and superior technological abilities. Such functionalities enable businesses to maximize their sales and customer support quality.

Accelerate your query response speed with canned templates

  • Determine repeated customer questions and set a library of pre-defined answers in ControlHippo’s template composer.
  • Maintain consistency in brand communication using templatized messages that align with brand tone and identity.
  • With automated responses, resolve customer queries efficiently and quickly and boost customer retention rates.
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Canned Messages

Attach files effortlessly to service messages

  • Attach unlimited files, documents, images, and screenshots to your service messages and resolve customer queries quickly.
  • Share user manuals, & troubleshooting guides from the knowledge base directly to provide a detailed answer to customer queries.
  • Save agents time and effort in answering customer questions and enhance the overall productivity of business communication.
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Engage with a wide base of prospects using unlimited contact sync

  • Sync all your contacts to your WhatsApp business channel at once using ControlHippo’s contact sync functionality.
  • Upload contact lists in CSV format and reach out to them using the WhatsApp broadcast messaging feature.
  • Eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms and streamline end-to-end customer communication.
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Sync Contact
controlhippo integration

Achieve seamless mobility with ControlHippo’s chrome extension

  • Enable remote access to your WhatsApp channel using the Chrome extension without installing the application.
  • Allow agents to communicate with customers even when they are in remote locations without internet connectivity.
  • Support remote workforce requirements, promote all-around accessibility, and ensure efficient handling of customer queries.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the top Chattigo alternatives include ControlHippo, Enchant,, DelightChat, and Interakt.

  • Chattigo and ControlHippo are the two most popular WhatsApp shared inbox platforms. ControlHippo wins in terms of functionality, cost, plans, and dependability.

  • Yes, you can easily migrate from Chattigo to ControlHippo and take advantage of ControlHippo's new capabilities by following an easy migration process. Contact our customer service staff to learn more about the porting procedure.

  • Yes! ControlHippo makes it possible for agents to do so by allowing them to control various WhatsApp numbers from a single dashboard.

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