WhatsApp WebChat: How to Use WhatsApp Integration with Website?

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Messages sent on WhatsApp have a 98% open rate and 45-60% click-through rate – 5x higher than email and SMS. What if you could integrate this consumer messaging powerhouse, with over 2 billion active users that send and receive messages directly onto your website for free?

With WhatsApp WebChat, you can. By embedding an official WhatsApp widget onto your webpage, visitors can instantly message your agents with questions, product inquiries, and even purchase requests without leaving your site. It facilitates seamless conversational commerce on a platform already deeply trusted by your customers for communication each day. Follow our guide to get it set up fast and watch sales and satisfaction soar.

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"Utilize WhatsApp WebChat to connect with your audience in real time, fostering a sense of immediacy and trust. Additionally, make sure to leverage the platform's multimedia capabilities—share images, videos, and documents to enhance communication. Implement a prompt response system. Timely replies not only build credibility but also contribute significantly to customer satisfaction, creating a positive and lasting impression."

What Is WhatsApp WebChat?

WhatsApp WebChat is a free platform that enables businesses to connect with potential customers directly through the messaging app WhatsApp. The WebChat feature allows companies to add a chat widget to their website that opens a WhatsApp chat window when clicked.

Visitors can then message the business account right from the site as if chatting through the WhatsApp account on their phone. It facilitates immediate two-way communication with website visitors to ask questions, get information, receive support, and even make purchases without leaving the site or downloading additional apps.

Adding this trusted and easy-to-use chat function is a great way for businesses to boost customer engagement.

Why You Should Add A WhatsApp WebChat To Your Website?

WhatsApp has quickly become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Adding WhatsApp chat integration capability to your website allows visitors to easily engage with your business on this trusted platform without having to leave your site, just like Facebook Messenger. There are several compelling reasons why implementing WebChat can significantly benefit your company:

Why you should add a WhatsApp Webchat to Your Website

1. Increased Engagement

Adding a WhatsApp live chat widget to your website allows visitors to easily start a conversation with your business. This instant access and responsiveness leads to more meaningful engagement that moves contacts further down the sales funnel. The personalized customer experience WhatsApp facilitates will lead more visitors to engage and convert.

2. Enhanced Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is vital for continued business growth and loyalty. With WhatsApp WebChat seamlessly integrated into your site, customers can get real-time support and quick answers to product or service questions instead of waiting lengthy periods for email or phone responses.

They’ll feel heard and valued as issues are solved promptly. Your team will also free up resources to handle easy inquiries over chat that no longer require lengthy communications.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

When visitors message your business over WhatsApp WebChat, it signals they are genuinely interested and engaged. By addressing concerns or questions then and there vs making people seek information themselves, you are far more likely to guide contacts to a purchase decision during that session vs losing them.

Demonstrating your responsiveness and willingness to help boosts trust and rapport that fuels conversion rates over the long term as well.

4. Mobile-Friendly Experience

As mobile internet usage continues to dominate desktops, having a chat solution optimized for smartphones is non-negotiable. With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp itself is built for messaging on the go.

Adding WhatsApp chat capability ensures your website visitors can connect with your brand easily on the small screen devices most people use all day long. Support mobile users to capture every opportunity.

5. Trust and Credibility

WhatsApp has built significant goodwill and credibility worldwide as a secure messaging platform people rely on. Leverage this trust and familiarity by bringing that preferred communication channel visitors already use regularly onto your website. The WhatsApp brand provides that, transferring familiarity and confidence to your brand as well.

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How To Embed A WhatsApp Chat On Your Website?

Adding live chat to your website is a great way to improve customer experience and increase sales. One of the most popular chat applications for websites is WhatsApp, which offers easy text messaging through its intuitive interface. You can also add WhatsApp to your website through HTML code or Google Tag Manager. Implementing WhatsApp chat can significantly boost engagement and conversions.

Getting started only takes a few steps:

  • Click-to-Chat

The easiest way to enable WhatsApp website chat is to create a click-to-chat link that website visitors can use to directly open a chat with your business. This saves them from having to first save your phone number in their contacts.

To generate a click-to-chat link during WhatsApp integration with the website, construct a URL starting with "https://wa.me/" followed by your WhatsApp business number in international format without spaces or special characters.

For example - https://wa.me/123456789

This link can be placed anywhere on your site where you want customers to be able to initiate a WhatsApp conversation.

ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub – A Unique Alternative To WhatsApp WebChat

ControlHippo’s WhatsApp ChatHub is one of the best WhatsApp website chat platforms that provides a unique alternative to traditional WhatsApp for Business APIs. As the leading shared messaging inbox, it streamlines communications for high-volume enterprise support across geographies.

Customer conversations flow seamlessly within a unified dashboard, eliminating data silos between agents. Insights into sentiment and topics guide intelligent, individualized assistance. Automating routine responses also improves speed and consistency even with large, distributed teams.

By simplifying collaboration and enriching customer profiles, ControlHippo maximizes engagement while elevating every interaction.

How To Install ControlHippo Chrome Extension On Your Device?

Here are the straightforward steps for installing the ControlHippo WhatsApp Chathub Chrome extension –

Steps to Install ControlHippo Chrome Extension

Step 1 – Open the Chrome Web Store.

Go to Webstore in your Chrome browser. This is where you can browse and add new extensions.

Step 2 – Search for “ControlHippo WhatsApp Chathub”

In the search bar at the top of the page, type “ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub” and press enter. This will pull up the extension listing.

Step 3 – Click “Add to Chrome”

On the extension listing page, click the blue “Add to Chrome” button on the top right. This will prompt Chrome to add the extension to your browser.

Step 4 – Confirm the Addition

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm adding the ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub extension to Chrome. Click “Add extension” to finalize the installation.

Step 5 – View the Added Extension

Once added, you will see the ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub extension installed on your browser. Click the extensions icon next to the address bar to view it along with your other added extensions.

The extension is now installed and ready to use in Chrome.

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How To Use ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub?

To communicate directly with the business via whatsapp without saving the number, use Controlhippo WhatsApp ChatHub. Here are the steps to use the ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub Chrome extension:

How to use ControlHippo WhatsApp Chathub

Step 1 – Identify a Phone Number

When browsing any website, look for a visible contact phone number you wish to message. This can be on a business website, listings page, social media profile, etc.

Step 2 – Click the ControlHippo extension icon.

Next to the phone number you spotted, you will see the ControlHippo browser extension logo. Click on this icon.

Step 3 – Generate Chat Inbox

This will instantly open and generate a chat inbox in your ControlHippo account specifically for that selected phone number.

Step 4 – Start Messaging

You will now see the familiar WhatsApp-like chat interface for the generated inbox. Use this to directly start messaging the business or individual associated with that phone number.

Step 5 – Manage Ongoing Conversations

Feel free to establish connections and initiate messaging with numerous phone numbers you discover across various websites. You can access all the ongoing chats with various numbers from the ControlHippo platform.

Customer Communication Platform for Sales & Support Teams
Streamline customer conversations across multiple channels with a unified dashboard

Why Is ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub Is Better Than WhatsApp Webchat?

ControlHippo WhatsApp ChatHub offers a wide range of features that help businesses manage WhatsApp communication more effectively compared to WhatsApp Webchat. Here are some of the key advantages:

Benefits of Choosing ControlHippo over WhatsApp Webchat

1. Shared Team Inbox

With ControlHippo, multiple agents can collaborate from a shared WhatsApp inbox to jointly manage high WhatsApp volumes. This ensures conversations are always attended to, and customer queries are resolved swiftly.

2. Intuitive UI and Dynamic Dashboards

The intuitive user interface, coupled with dynamic analytics dashboards, gives agents a comprehensive overview of all WhatsApp activities. This amplifies operational excellence by providing data-driven insights.

3. Seamless Omnichannel Solution

ControlHippo seamlessly integrates WhatsApp with other communication channels like SMS, email, bots, etc., into one omnichannel solution. This allows businesses to engage customers on their preferred mediums.

4. Easy Integration

ControlHippo effortlessly syncs with your existing business tools and systems, simplifying workflows and unifying data from different platforms. This WhatsApp integration with the website boosts overall efficiency.

5. Automated Workflows

Features like auto-replies and WhatsApp chat integration enable process automation for customer engagement. This reduces human effort and drives better outcomes.

6. Scalable Broadcast Messages

Businesses can send announcements, promotions, event updates, and other broadcast messages to a large audience at scale through ControlHippo. This expands the reach and inspires action from customers.

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7. Unified Team Collaboration

ControlHippo allows multiple agents to collaborate from shared inboxes to jointly handle high WhatsApp volumes. Chats can also be seamlessly delegated between agents for swift resolution. This optimizes teamwork.

8. Smart Automation Capabilities

Features like auto-replies, API integrations, triggers based on customer actions, etc., enable process automation for customer communication. This saves time and effort while improving outcomes.

9. Rich Analytics for Insights

Detailed analytics offer data-driven insights into the business impact of WhatsApp communication. Companies can identify trends, optimize strategies, and quantify ROI through actionable metrics.


In summary, leveraging messaging platforms like WhatsApp integration with websites is a powerful way for businesses to provide responsive customer support through their sites. ControlHippo allows agents to seamlessly access tools that simplify the management of real-time communications.

With their Chrome extension, agents can pull up customer contacts directly from the browser or see if there are any archived chats. They can also quickly retrieve contact phone numbers for follow-up. Automated Message Sequences further streamline important communications for tasks like onboarding, payments, and appointments.

Businesses can foster stronger customer relationships with immediate, personalized assistance. ControlHippo gives businesses the ability to engage customers wherever they are and enhance their digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp WebChat allows businesses to add a widget of WhatsApp chat to their website by scanning a QR code to sync their WhatsApp Business account so visitors can send WhatsApp messages to the company and access previous WhatsApp website chats without leaving the site.

To enable WhatsApp chat on the website, create a verified WhatsApp Business Profile, go to the Configuration tab, and click "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" to scan the displayed QR code using your mobile device, which will sync your business account.

Web chat platforms like WhatsApp's messaging widget facilitate customer service by letting website visitors ask questions, get assistance from business representatives, and access previous whatsapp chats with the company right on the site for an enhanced, omnichannel experience.

Updated : June 5, 2024

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