Delight Your Customers With Instagram Shared Inbox Solution

Build meaningful connections and boost customer engagement with your target audience using the Instagram messaging solution from ControlHippo.

  • Elevate customer satisfaction with live customer support
  • Automate responses to repeated queries with Quick Replies
  • Personalize interactions using pre-built response templates
  • Keep track of customer conversations from a single dashboard
Instagram Shared Inbox Solution

Monetize Your Instagram Shared Inbox

Increase Your Brand Visibility

Build a reliable presence on Instagram, which has 2 million active users a month, and 44% use Instagram for shopping.

Maximize Marketing Outcomes

Nurture leads, convert them, and win their loyalty with personalized messages, offers, and marketing deals.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Respond quickly with personalized Instagram messages to customer queries and elevate your marketing outcomes.

Features Of Instagram Shared Inbox Solution

Quick Replies

Offer instant solution to customer queries with Quick Replies and build strong relationships.


With chatbots, automate responses to repeated queries and send away messages beyond operating hours.

Live Support

Offer live chat support to customers and provide immediate resolution to their queries and support requests.

Multiple Entry Points

Offer several communication options, including direct messages, story replies, story mentions, etc.

Media Messages

Provide better support by asking for media images related to customer query and assist them at every point.

Insights & Tracking

Track engagement rates & derive actionable insights about marketing performance & customer trends.

Connect Seamlessly with Audiences through Instagram Shared Inbox

Forge meaningful connections on Instagram by effortlessly engaging your audience through ControlHippo Instagram integration.


Quick & Instant Messaging

  • Use canned responses for quick resolution of common customer queries.
  • Save time and manage volumes efficiently with Quick Replies functionality.
  • Start conversations instantly with pre-set, personalized response templates.
  • Boost engagement and streamline interactions for your Instagram audience.

Unified Dashboard

  • View all ongoing customer integrations in one unified dashboard.
  • Empower teams to categorize and assign chats based on queries.
  • Effortlessly manage volumes by adding or removing support reps.
  • Seamlessly handle sales or support inquiries via a single number.
instagram unified-dashboard

360° Analytics & Reporting

  • Analyze messaging trends comprehensively for actionable insights.
  • Continuously track user engagement across all social media platforms.
  • Gain a complete overview of audience behavior and conversation patterns.
  • Access detailed reports to optimize strategy and enhance performance.

Manage Sales Funnel

  • Transfer sales inquiries to relevant tools via seamless third-party integration.
  • Share precise customer messages with the sales team for informed action.
  • Ensure each sales inquiry receives proper attention and handling throughout.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize conversions across the sales pipeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Instagram Shared Inbox

  • At ControlHippo, we ensure compliance by adhering strictly to Instagram's policies, constantly updating our tool to align with any changes and verifying all messaging functionalities against Instagram's guidelines.

  • ControlHippo provides extensive customization, allowing personalized responses, brand-aligned templates, and tailored messaging content to match individual brand tones and styles on Instagram.

  • Yes, ControlHippo's Instagram Messaging API fully supports quick replies– enabling instant responses for efficient engagement.

  • ControlHippo employs efficient algorithms and innovative features within its tool to handle high volumes of Instagram messages, enabling our platform to efficiently manage any volume, no matter how large it is.

  • Indeed! ControlHippo allows complete personalization of pre-set response templates, ensuring they reflect your brand's voice and resonate with your audience on Instagram.

  • ControlHippo employs robust encryption methods, strict access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard customer data.

  • Yes, ControlHippo's unified dashboard seamlessly integrates with various customer support and CRM platforms, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Slack.

  • While ControlHippo doesn't impose strict limitations, its scalability is designed to handle large volumes of messages and conversations effectively.

  • The ControlHippo tool is incredibly easy to set up. Additionally, it features an intuitive UI and easy navigation, making it accessible for users of varying technical expertise.

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