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controlhippo vs wassenger

ControlHippo Vs Wassenger: A Feature-wise Comparison

Explore the distinctive abilities of ControlHippo. Compare the pricing and other features of ControlHippo and Wassenger
and see how it stands out as the most preferred communication platform.

Receive Messages
Adding Team Members
Groups & WhatsApp Channels
File Attachments
Canned Message Templates
Chrome Extension
CRM integration
Free trial
Monthly Pricing
Allows businesses to receive messages
Integrates with all tools
Supports group and channel communication
Unlimited file size
Supports pre-defined message templates
Integrates with CRM tools
10 days free trial
Wassenger Logo
Does not allow you to receive messages
Limited integration abilities
Does not have a group communication feature
Restricted to 10 MB
Does not have message templates
NNot available
Does not integrate with CRM tools
7-day free trial

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Features That Make ControlHippo #1 WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Whether you are a startup or an established business, subscribing to ControlHippo’s integrated WhatsApp solution empowers
your sales and customer team with sophisticated abilities.

Maximize your sales potential with WhatsApp broadcast messaging

  • Communicate your offerings to all your contacts in one go using the WhatsApp broadcast feature.
  • Segment your existing customers and target them with customized offers, deals, and promotions.
  • Track the performance of your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns and make appropriate changes.
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WhatsApp broadcast messaging

Attach files & documents to resolve customer queries quickly

  • Attach images, videos, documents, etc., through WhatsApp and improve your service quality.
  • Select multiple files at once and accelerate problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Allow agents to share files from the knowledge base and save their time and effort.
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Seamlessly integrate with CRM & elevate your customer service quality

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM tools and automate your customer support functioning.
  • Leverage data and analytics about customer behavior, purchase history, etc., and improve customer service quality.
  • Build a custom communication flow based on your domain needs and automate record maintenance, note-taking, etc.
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controlhippo integration

Promote 24/7 accessibility through robust Chrome extension

  • Allow agents to connect with the team and customers through Google Chrome.
  • Access the WhatsApp shared inbox solution without installing the application.
  • Streamline message flows to save agent’s time and improve overall business productivity.
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