Integrated Inbox Solution for Telegram Messaging 

A centralized communication platform that promotes efficient internal collaboration and cohesive customer communication. Eliminates the need to switch between multiple channels.


Enhance Communication with ControlHippo- Telegram Integration

Reach and engage your audience effectively through ControlHippo’s feature-rich Telegram Messaging integration for seamless communication.

Conquer Communication Chaos

Handling inbound conversations

  • Greet customers with a professional message and offer prompt resolution to their queries.
  • Send automated responses and notify customers when you are away, busy, or unavailable.
  • Automatically route the inbound conversations to the most qualified agent or department.
  • Using Telegram chatbots, automate responses to frequently asked questions so agents can spend their time productively.

Responding to chats

  • Create support tickets when a customer raises a query to substantiate follow-up references and actions.
  • Enhance the first contact resolution rates by transferring customers to the right department or agent based on their inputs.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by offering a timely resolution of customer queries through Telegram messaging.
  • Explore lucrative upselling opportunities based on data collected about customer preferences and behavior.
Conquer Communication Chaos

Conversation Supervision and Reporting

  • Using advanced marketing analytics, monitor the performance of customer support agents and make informed decisions.
  • Gain a comprehensive oversight of customer interactions, draw in-depth insights, and promote corrective actions.
  • With custom reports, identify gaps and bottlenecks in customer communication and sort them promptly.
  • Measure your ROI, redefine your communication strategies, and optimize your customer service quality.

Shared Box with teammate

  • Extensive integration support using Telegram API to promote efficient, end-to-end business communication.
  • Allow multiple agents to collaborate through a shared inbox while managing high volumes.
  • With Telegram integration, eliminate silos in communication and promote consistency in customer interactions.
  • Gain a consolidated view of customer interactions happening in the Telegram messaging app using a single dashboard.
Conquer Communication Chaos

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Frequently Asked Questions for Telegram Messaging

  • Yes, there are a lot of providers when it comes to Telegram chatbots. Some of the popular ones include ControlHippo, MessageBird, Socialbots, Engati, etc.

  • The safety and security of data shared across Telegram chatbots depend on the reliability of the provider. You must evaluate the service provider carefully before you choose one.

  • Telegram chatbot can be programmed to send automated responses to frequently asked questions and saves agents time. They can be used to automate repetitive tasks like appointment scheduling, sending reminders, collecting feedback, etc.

  • Telegram API is used to integrate the Telegram messaging app with other third-party tools and streamline sales, marketing, and customer support conversations.

  • To integrate Telegram with the website, do the following. 1.Set up your Telegram channel. 2.Customize your settings and add a name for your profile. 3.Telegram offers a link that allows users to access conversations using mobile or desktop apps. Go to ‘Edit profile’ and find the link attached to your account. 4.Set up your call to action on the website using the link. You can choose to link a button, image, or Telegram icon.

  • The following are general steps to connect a bot to the Telegram messaging app. 1.Choose a reliable service provider. 2.Go to their chatbot setting and choose to connect/ add a bot. 3.The dashboard displays multiple channels. You should choose Telegram. 4.You must enter the access key or bot token and the bot will be connected to your Telegram channel.

  • To send automated messages on Telegram, follow these simple steps. 1.Choose a reliable provider for Telegram automation. 2.You must navigate to the settings and customize the communication flow. 3.You should decide when an auto-reply must be activated. You can choose the date, and time, and set business hours. 4.Create custom greetings and away messages.

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