ControlHippo: The Best Alternative to MessengerPeople

Make the switch to ControlHippo’s unified WhatsApp shared inbox and empower your sales, support, and marketing teams like never before.

ControlHippo vs. MessengerPeople: A Comprehensive Feature Comparison

A detailed assessment of the comparison of the features of ControlHippo vs alternative MessengerPeople.
Examine how ControlHippo stands ahead as the best alternative to MessengerPeople.

ControlHippo MessengerPeople Logo
Pricing $20 €199-€699
Messaging Channels
Unlimited contact sync
Chrome Extension
Connect one or multiple numbers Wide Range Limited
Shared Inbox interface 24/7 Limited
One-click integration
Broadcast Channels
Contact Merge
Team Inbox
Custom Inbox
User-based Access
Sync media & attachments in CRM
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Affordable Solutions: ControlHippo vs. MessengerPeople Pricing Plans

ControlHippo offers a unified WhatsApp shared inbox at just $20 per user. This affordable, user-friendly pricing plan makes it a popular choice for businesses exploring holistic WhatsApp shared inbox solutions.

While MessengerPeople has four different subscription plans starting at €199 per month, ControlHippo is more affordable and cost-effective.

MessengerPeople Plan


Per User/Month
  • 50 Conversations include
  • Add. Conversation €0.20
  • 1 Agent include
  • Campaign management include broadcasting

ControlHippo Plan


Per User/Month
  • Contact sync in CRM from WhatsApp
  • Unlimited contact sync
  • Chrome Extension for embedded chat view
  • Automatically assign and track responsibility for chats

ControlHippo: The Integrated WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Explore the main features of ControlHippo and assess why it remains the most valued WhatsApp shared inbox solution for businesses.
Discover how you can enhance your team’s productivity and communication abilities with ControlHippo.


Unified Inbox

  • Simplifies communication across various business teams including sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • The unified inbox promotes consistency in communication between business teams.
  • Enable information sharing between different teams without the hassle of having to switch between multiple platforms.
  • The messages can be accessed without hassles across a single, intuitive dashboard.

Real-time Analytics

  • Promote informed decisions based on the data and insights from real-time customer conversations.
  • Optimize customer service quality by identifying trends and patterns in WhatsApp conversations.
  • Improve the efficiency of business operations by adopting data-driven decisions.
  • Identify the bottlenecks in communication and work out strategies to improve the team’s performance.
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

  • Seamless integration with other third-party tools like Slack, Zoho, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.
  • Eliminate the hassle of juggling between multiple platforms and build a custom conversation flow.
  • Enhance the efficiency of business teams by integrating with the tools that they are already using.
  • Improve transparency and accuracy in communication by eliminating silos between the business teams.

Multi-Number Access

  • Access WhatsApp conversations across multiple numbers with a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Gain an overview of the agent conversation across multiple WhatsApp numbers.
  • Improve consistency in communication across different WhatsApp numbers and ensure that they align with your brand guidelines.
  • Enhances the efficiency of customer support operations and service quality by tracking WhatsApp conversations across multiple numbers.

ControlHippo’s Exceptional Ratings Across the Web

From G2 and SoftwareSuggest to Capterra, ControlHippo has received incredible reviews and a warm welcome from
businesses to evolve as the most sought-after solution for WhatsApp shared inbox.

Explore the Top 5 Alternatives to MessengerPeople in 2023

Delve deeper into the popular alternatives to MessengerPeople. Explore platforms that carry equal
or surpassing abilities and choose one that aligns with your feature and pricing needs.

Company Rating Plan Learn More
ControlHippo Logo

Starter: $20/user

Learn More Logo

Business: $249/month

Team: $79

Enterprise: custom

Learn More Logo

Multiagent chat:$15/user

HMultiagent chat:$20/user


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Wati Logo

Growth: $49/month

Pro: $99/month

Business: $299/month

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DelightChat Logo

Startup: $49/month

Scale: $99/month

Growth: $299/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the leading MessengerPeople alternatives include ControlHippo, Appy Pie, Wassenger, and

  • Both the platforms, MessengerPeople and ControlHippo remain the popular ones when it comes to WhatsApp shared inbox solutions for businesses. A deeper observation reveals that the ControlHippo is more advanced and sophisticated in terms of features and pricing.

  • Yes, you can avail of seamless, hassle-free switching from MessengerPeople to ControlHippo. It offers complete onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Yes, ControlHippo allows customer service agents to access and manage WhatsApp conversations across multiple numbers using a single, intuitive dashboard.

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